• Filename: hung.
  • ISBN: 9780307781413
  • Release Date: 2011-02-23
  • Number of pages: 224
  • Author: Scott Poulson-Bryant
  • Publisher: Broadway Books

Following in the footsteps of such bestselling, taboo-breaking books as Randall Kennedy’s Nigger and J. L. King’s On the Down Low, Hung brings a topic previously discussed only in intimate settings out into the open. In a brilliant, multilayered look at the pervasive belief that African American men are prodigiously endowed, Scott Poulson-Bryant interweaves his own experiences as a black man in America with witty analyses of how black male sexuality is expressed in books, film, television, sports, and pornography. “Hung” is a double entendre, referring not only to penis size but to the fact that black men were once literally hung from trees, often for their perceived sexual prowess and the supposed risk it posed to white women. As a poignant reminder, he begins his book with a letter to Emmett Till, the teenager who was lynched in Mississippi in the mid-1950s for whistling at a white woman. For Poulson-Bryant and other men of his generation, society’s deep-seated obsession with the sexual powers of black men has had an enormous, if often deceptive, influence on how they perceive themselves and on the assumptions made by others. His tales of his sexual encounters with both sexes, along with anecdotes about the lives of various friends and colleagues, are wryly and at times shockingly revealing. Enduring racial perceptions have shaped popular culture as well, and Poulson-Bryant offers a thorough, thought-provoking look at media-created images of the “Well-Hung Black Male.” He deftly deconstructs movies like Mandingo and Shaft, articles in the popular press, and edgy works like Robert Mapplethorpe’s Black Book, while also providing distinctive profiles of icons like porn star Lexington Steele and rapper L.L. Cool J.A scintillating mixture of memoir and cultural commentary, Hung is the first and only book to take on phallic fixation and uncover what lies below. Readers may be scandalized, but they’ll also have plenty to ponder about America’s views on how black men measure up.

Jokes Stories from a Salesman s Briefcase

  • Filename: jokes-stories-from-a-salesman-s-briefcase.
  • ISBN: 9781462814268
  • Release Date: 2004-12-02
  • Number of pages: 382
  • Author: Kim E. Cooper
  • Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

Let there be no doubt, the stereotype is accurate: sales people, more than any other profession, truly love telling jokes and humorous stories. And considering the thousands of individuals they come into contact with throughout their careers, one fact is clear: if a career sales professional could somehow capture and save the best humorous anecdotes they had ever heard, an impressive stockpile of exceptional material would result. However, remembering all those jokes seems rather impossible, now doesn’t it? Not so, for that´s exactly what I´ve done, and the results are all there in Jokes & Stories from a Salesman´s Briefcase.

Hello World

  • Filename: hello-world.
  • ISBN: 9780953658565
  • Release Date: 2004-03-10
  • Number of pages: 270
  • Author: Sue Thomas
  • Publisher: Sue Thomas

'Hello World' is the story of a life online. Part travelogue, part memoir, Sue Thomas draws on her online travels as well as her physical journeys in the USA, Australia, Spain and England. While the book is non-fiction, it is a direct descendent of 'Correspondence', Thomas’ extraordinary novel that also deals with the synergies between digital and physical worlds. Like its fictional counterpart, Hello World will trigger feelings in readers of recognition and will stimulate debate on the nature of the physical in a wired world for years to come. First published in 2004. 'This is a book about a love affair. It's also a meditation on a phenomenon that has changed not just our lives but our perceptions of ourselves.' The Independent. ' essential tour guide to the poetics of time, space and gender in the Information Age. This book is quite simply a Baedeker to the cyber-realm.' Carolyn Guertin. '...engagingly and warmly written, 'Hello World' combines first-person meditations with a wealth of information. Highly recommended for first-time users and those who want to try dipping their toes into the cyberwaters.' N. Katherine Hayles. '...embracing digital media for its freedom and life beyond the physical page, her writings fuse the surfaces, textures, histories and interactions of our bodies and minds.' Robin Rimbaud / Scanner. 'Sue Thomas is one of the most innovation thinkers, promoters and facilitators on the web.' Stelarc. '...anyone who feels both seduced and appalled by the complexities of embedded technology will empathise with this account of the personal highs and lows of an intimate relationship with technology.' Jenny Wolmark. 'Speaking with ease and authority, earned through years of immersive investigation, Sue Thomas critiques virtuality in a manner which makes this book accessible to those who are new to the networked world, as well as a must-read for those already there.' Melinda Rackham. 'Hello World is fascinating, almost hypnotic. Thomas travels all over the physical world, and all over the virtual world, visiting sights and sites of intrinsic and historical interest. She describes what she sees, tells us how the experience affects her, and recounts how past travelers have marked these conceptual landscapes. Thomas invokes Thoreau throughout the book, and the comparison is apt: As Thoreau's observations of the activity around Walden Pond always told us as much about him as they did about the nature he studied, so, too, Thomas's observations reveal much about herself. The intensity of her love for cyberspace is manifest in her attentiveness to the detail of each virtual experience.' Tekka. 'Thomas offers a way of being in the world that refuses hierarchies and primacies and offers us a model of an engaged and creative practice that is both virtual and real.' RealTime. 'As a mix it's intense and entrancing, and it demonstrates the ease with which computers, electronic communications, and lives all intertwine beyond the home.' Alan Sondheim. Originally published in paperback by Raw Nerve Books. Web Supplement

Cupboard Love 2

  • Filename: cupboard-love-2.
  • ISBN: 9781897415931
  • Release Date: 2004
  • Number of pages: 337
  • Author: Mark Morton
  • Publisher: Insomniac Press

Cupboard Love explores the fascinating stories behind familiar and no-so-familiar gastronomic terms. Who knew that the word pomegranate is related to the word grenade? Light-hearted and thoroughly researched, packed with linguistic lore and cultural trivia.

Funny to Us

  • Filename: funny-to-us.
  • ISBN: 9781456512880
  • Release Date: 2011-05-01
  • Number of pages: 206
  • Author: Jason M. Ploeger, Ph.d.
  • Publisher: Jason Ploeger

The best of, the largely unknown and now forgotten satirical internet magazine that would have dominated the 2000s had anyone read it.

The Lover s Tongue

  • Filename: the-lover-s-tongue.
  • ISBN: 9781897414491
  • Release Date: 2009
  • Number of pages: 235
  • Author: Mark Morton
  • Publisher: Insomniac Press

This delightful book includes over 100 mini-essays explaining the origins and historical development of words in our language that pertain to love and sex. Do you know, for example, what a 78 is? Here's a hint: like the old 78 rpm records, the term refers to a man who is ... well, on the fast side! Diligently researched, The Lover's Tongue is written in a light-hearted style. A dictionary of a different kind, this book is the perfect gift for that special someone, or for the connoisseur of language and history in your life

Blooming English

  • Filename: blooming-english.
  • ISBN: 0521548322
  • Release Date: 2004-05-27
  • Number of pages: 242
  • Author: Kate Burridge
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press

A fascinating and well-crafted look at the quirks of the English language, past and present.

Ava Gardner The Secret Conversations

  • Filename: ava-gardner-the-secret-conversations.
  • ISBN: 9781451627695
  • Release Date: 2013-07-02
  • Number of pages: 293
  • Author: Peter Evans
  • Publisher: Simon and Schuster

A candid self-portrait of the late film legend's golden-era Hollywood life traces her impoverished childhood in North Carolina through the heights of her career, sharing unflinching coverage of her relationships with such figures as Mickey Rooney, Frank Sinatra and George C. Scott. 150,000 first printing.

Reaper s Property

  • Filename: reaper-s-property.
  • ISBN: 9781419944673
  • Release Date: 2013-01-09
  • Number of pages:
  • Author: Joanna Wylde
  • Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc

Marie doesn’t need a complication like Horse. The massive, tattooed, badass biker who shows up at her brother’s house one afternoon doesn’t agree. He wants Marie on his bike and in his bed. Now. But Marie just left her abusive jerk of an ex-husband and she’s not looking for a new man. Especially one like Horse—she doesn’t know his real name or where he lives, she’s ninety percent certain he’s a criminal and that the “business” he talks with her brother isn’t website design. She needs him out of her life, which would be a snap if he’d just stop giving her mind-blowing orgasms. Horse is part of the Reapers Motorcycle Club, and when he wants something, he takes it. What he wants is Marie, but she’s not interested in becoming “property of”. Then her brother steals from the club. Marie can save him by giving Horse what he wants—at home, in public, on his bike If she’s a very, very good girl, she’ll get lots more of those orgasms only he can offer, and he’ll let her brother live. Maybe. A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

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