• Filename: vanished.
  • ISBN: 1477823476
  • Release Date: 2014-06-17
  • Number of pages: 326
  • Author: Kendra Elliot
  • Publisher: Montlake Romance

When an eleven-year-old is abducted on her way to school, the FBI immediately sends agents to scour the area and embed Special Agent Ava McLane with the family. In the middle is local detective Mason Callahan, whose life is crumbling; he's related to thevictim, and his confidential informant has just been murdered. Both he and Agent McLane hole up in the victim's family home. As Ava and Mason struggle to hold the family together, the two investigators find themselves drawn to each other.


  • Filename: spiraled.
  • ISBN: 1477830324
  • Release Date: 2015-06-02
  • Number of pages: 294
  • Author: Kendra Elliot
  • Publisher:

FBI Special Agent Ava McLane solves crimes; she doesn't witness them. When she's trapped in a mall without her weapon as a shooter picks off victims, she hides with a wounded teen and prays for her survival. But that's only the beginning… An epidemic of mass shootings has been launched across Oregon. The young shooters terrify the public, committing random murders before taking their own lives. The task force assembled to solve the case—which includes Ava's boyfriend, detective Mason Callahan—remains stumped. And on top of this chaos, Ava's troubled twin sister reappears, throwing Ava's already-tumultuous life into a tailspin. An old-fashioned cop with a strong sense of duty, Mason struggles to find the cause of the shootings as the workaholic Ava spins ever closer to breaking down. But can one detective save the lives of countless innocents—and prevent the woman he loves from going over the edge?


  • Filename: targeted.
  • ISBN: 1503935043
  • Release Date: 2016-06-07
  • Number of pages:
  • Author: Kendra Elliot
  • Publisher: Montlake Romance


  • Filename: bridged.
  • ISBN: 1477825797
  • Release Date: 2015-01-13
  • Number of pages: 292
  • Author: Kendra Elliot
  • Publisher: Montlake Romance

"Wall Street Journal" Bestseller After a congressman s tortured body is found dangling from a Portland bridge, the FBI joins the Oregon State Police to investigate the case and FBI Special Agent Ava McLane, still recovering from a bullet wound, hunts the twisted killer alongside the man who captured her heart, police detective Mason Callahan. But once a third body appears and all evidence points to a serial killer, the public furiously clamors for answers and the couple s relationship grows fractured under the pressure. Ava and Mason search in the past for clues that predict the future. And when Ava s mentally ill twin spins out of control, the FBI agent who battles monsters every day wonders if she shares her sister s self-destructive streak In the latest thrilling romantic suspense novel from award-winning author Kendra Elliot, the past and the present violently collide and the fallout can be deadly."

When I m Gone

  • Filename: when-i-m-gone.
  • ISBN: 1503951456
  • Release Date: 2016-03-15
  • Number of pages:
  • Author: Emily Bleeker
  • Publisher: Lake Union Publishing

Dear Luke, First let me say--I love you...I didn't want to leave you.... Luke Richardson has returned home after burying Natalie, his beloved wife of sixteen years, ready to face the hard job of raising their three children alone. But there's something he's not prepared for--a blue envelope with his name scrawled across the front in Natalie's handwriting, waiting for him on the floor of their suburban Michigan home. The letter inside, written on the first day of Natalie's cancer treatment a year ago, turns out to be the first of many. Luke is convinced they're genuine, but who is delivering them? As his obsession with the letters grows, Luke uncovers long-buried secrets that make him question everything he knew about his wife and their family. But the revelations also point the way toward a future where love goes on--in written words, in memories, and in the promises it's never too late to keep.


  • Filename: buried.
  • ISBN: 161109898X
  • Release Date: 2013
  • Number of pages: 351
  • Author: Kendra Elliot
  • Publisher:

Haunted by the disappearance of his brother's school bus twenty years ago, Michael Brody's mystified when his brother's remains aren't among the other students' when bones are finally unearthed, so decides to track down the sole survivor of the mass kidnapping.


  • Filename: chilled.
  • ISBN: 1612183891
  • Release Date: 2012
  • Number of pages: 348
  • Author: Kendra Elliot
  • Publisher: Montlake Romance

Brynn Nealey, a forensic nurse on a search and rescue team, faces a dangerous blizzard to find survivors of a plane crash in the Cascade Mountains. She is joined by Alex Kinton, a former US Marshal, who wishes to find the man who killed his brother, and then return the favor. What will happen to Alex's savage instincts when he finally has the opportunity to confront his brother's killer?


  • Filename: hidden.
  • ISBN: 1612183883
  • Release Date: 2012
  • Number of pages: 382
  • Author: Kendra Elliot
  • Publisher:

"Eleven years ago, the Co-ed Slayer murdered nine female students on the Oregon State University campus. Lacey Campbell barely escaped his attack, but lost her best friend whose remains were never found. As the sole surviving victim, Lacey helped send the sadistic serial killer to prison for life. Now a forensic odontologist examining teeth and bones for the state Medical Examiner, Lacey is devastated when she arrives at a crime scene and identifies the skeletal remains as her college friend. The remainsare discovered on the land of ex-cop Jack Harper. Sparks fly between him and Lacey, even as they realize that the prosecution's witnesses from a decade ago are now being murdered one by one. All the evidence points to the Co-ed Slayer as the culprit, only, he's long since dead. So who's the new killer? And is Lacey next in line to die? Golden Heart finalist Kendra Elliot combines chilling suspense and steamy romance in a gripping tale, uniting in-depth forensic knowledge with a passion for thrillers. Setin the snowy winter of Oregon, Hidden creates spine-tingling chills--

The Paper Magician

  • Filename: the-paper-magician.
  • ISBN: 1477823832
  • Release Date: 2014-07-08
  • Number of pages: 214
  • Author: Charlie N. Holmberg
  • Publisher: 47North

Under the tutelage of magician Emery Thane, Ceony Twill discovers the wonders of paper magic, but when her teacher's life is threatened, she must face the extraordinary dangers of forbidden magic to save him.

The Banished of Muirwood

  • Filename: the-banished-of-muirwood.
  • ISBN: 1503945324
  • Release Date: 2015-08-18
  • Number of pages:
  • Author: Jeff Wheeler
  • Publisher: 47North

In a stand-alone series set in the world of Muirwood, eighteen-year-old Maia is the exiled princess of Comoros and heir to the throne. As a result of her father's ceaseless need for authority, she was left disinherited and forced to live as a servant in her enemy's home. When the king invites chaos into the land by expelling the magical order known as the Dochte Mandar, Maia finds herself on a perilous quest to save her people. To survive, she must use magic she has learned in secret--despite the fact that women are forbidden to control it. Hunted by enemies at every turn, Maia realizes that danger lurks within her, too. Her powers threaten to steal not only her consciousness but also her sense of right and wrong. Can she set herself free and save the realm she loves--even if that realm has forgotten her?

Two Serious Ladies

  • Filename: two-serious-ladies.
  • ISBN: 0062283138
  • Release Date: 2014-02-25
  • Number of pages: 100
  • Author: Jane Bowles
  • Publisher: Harper Collins

Two Serious Ladies by Jane Bowles has descriptive copy which is not yet available from the Publisher.

From the Cradle

  • Filename: from-the-cradle.
  • ISBN: 1477825274
  • Release Date: 2014-10-07
  • Number of pages: 383
  • Author: Louise Voss
  • Publisher: Thomas & Mercer

The first child was taken from her house. The second from his mother's car. The third from her own bedroom... When Helen and Sean Philips go out for the evening, leaving their teenage daughter babysitting little Frankie, they have no idea that they are about to face every parent's greatest fear. Detective Inspector Patrick Lennon is hopeful that the three children who have been abducted in this patch of south-west London will be returned safe and well. But when a body is found in a local park, Lennon realizes that time is running out--and that nothing in this case is as it seems.... Blending police procedural with psychological thriller, From the Cradle will have every parent checking that their children are safe in their beds...then checking again. From the Cradle is the first book in the Detective Lennon Thriller Series.

The Temporary Agent

  • Filename: the-temporary-agent.
  • ISBN: 1503934993
  • Release Date: 2016-07-01
  • Number of pages:
  • Author: Daniel Judson
  • Publisher: Thomas & Mercer

Scarred by war, former Navy Seabee Tom Sexton vows to leave his violent past behind, only to be drawn back into that life when a deadly conspiracy forces him to face an agonizing choice no man should ever have to make. Five years after his life was saved in Afghanistan by Marine Force Recon Leader Charlie Cahill, Tom lives a bleak, nomadic existence, haunted by the debt he can never repay. Salvation appears in Stella--a woman as damaged, and resourceful, as he. But when a coded distress call from his former CO leads him to a shadowy NSA operative, Tom is recruited for a "black op" to bring back the now-rogue man who saved his life. As he searches for Cahill, Tom quickly uncovers a much larger web of treason and betrayal that calls his entire world into question--and forces him into the ultimate no-win scenario.

Infinity Lost

  • Filename: infinity-lost.
  • ISBN: 1503945073
  • Release Date: 2015-11-01
  • Number of pages: 235
  • Author: S. Harrison
  • Publisher: Amazon Children's Publishing

In the near future, one corporation, Blackstone Technologies, has changed the world: no disasters, no poverty, and life-altering technology. Blackstone has the impunity to destroy--or create--as it sees fit. Infinity "Finn" Blackstone is the seventeen-year-old daughter of Blackstone's reclusive CEO--but she's never even met him. When disturbing dreams about a past she doesn't remember begin to torment her, Finn knows there's only one person who can provide answers: her father. After Finn and an elite group of peers are invited to Blackstone's top-secret HQ, Finn realizes she may have a chance to confront her father. But when a highly sophisticated company AI morphs into a killing machine, the trip descends into chaos. Trapped inside shape-shifting walls, Finn and her friends are at the mercy of an all-seeing intelligence that will destroy everything to get to her. With no hope of help, Finn's dream-memories may be the only chance of survival. But will she remember in time to save her own life and the lives of those around her?

The Ice Twins

  • Filename: the-ice-twins.
  • ISBN: 9780007459247
  • Release Date: 2015-01-29
  • Number of pages: 384
  • Author: S. K. Tremayne
  • Publisher: HarperCollins UK

One of Sarah’s daughters died. But can she be sure which one? *THE SUNDAY TIMES NUMBER ONE BESTSELLING NOVEL* A terrifying psychological thriller perfect for fans of THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN.

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