Understanding Civil Procedure

  • Filename: understanding-civil-procedure.
  • ISBN: 9781422407127
  • Release Date: 2009
  • Number of pages: 576
  • Author: Gene R. Shreve
  • Publisher: LexisNexis

This well-established treatise is premised on the assumption that the key to understanding the principles of civil procedure is to know why: why the principles were created and why they are invoked. The treatise is written to answer these questions as it lays out the basic principles of civil procedure. It also reflects the authors? belief that students of civil procedure can understand and appreciate complex principles when they are clearly presented; teaching civil procedure does not require dumbing it down.The authors use the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure as a model, but they also refer to different state rules and doctrines where appropriate in order to present a representative cross-section of state models. Although they discuss important civil procedure cases in the text, thus supporting the most widely used civil procedure casebooks using these same cases, they also provide useful references to secondary sources and illustrative cases for the reader who wants to explore further.

Civil Procedure

  • Filename: civil-procedure.
  • ISBN: 9780735570337
  • Release Date: 2008
  • Number of pages: 722
  • Author: Joseph W. Glannon
  • Publisher: Aspen Publishers Online

For two decades Examples & Explanations: Civil Procedure has helped students understand the intricacies of civil procedure. Professor Glannon, using the extremely successful Examples & Explanations format that he created, teaches students about civil procedure in an entertaining and elucidating way. Now in its Sixth Edition, this amazing study aid continues to provide clear, engaging introductions to the principles of civil procedure, together with appealing examples that illustrate how these principles apply in typical cases. Students and professors are united in their high regard for this text that helps make a difficult subject accessible: Professor Glannon's unique and entertaining style engages students and helps them to more easily understand difficult concepts Clear and accessible introductions and explanations cover all aspects of the first-year course including the difficult areas of res judicata, collateral estoppel, personal and subject matter jurisdiction, and three chapters on various aspects of the Erie doctrine The proven and popular examples and explanations format is highly effective for learning and applying the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Examples progress gradually from simple to challenging and build students' confidence The frequent use of visual aids including diagrams, charts, and documents helps students grasp complicated ideas The Sixth Edition has been completely updated throughout, and all citations reflect the most current law. In addition: A new chapter on joinder analyzing Rules 19 and 24 Revisions to reflect the extensive 2007 stylistic amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Give your students the help they need to master difficult topics. Be sure to recommend this highly acclaimed study guide--tested by students, instructors, and time.

Civil Procedure O e Commentary and Materials 6th Edition

  • Filename: civil-procedure-o-e-commentary-and-materials-6th-edition.
  • ISBN: 040933975X
  • Release Date: 2015-10-26
  • Number of pages:
  • Author: Stephen Colbran
  • Publisher:

Civil Procedure oÂeÂ" Commentary and Materials provides students and practitioners with a comprehensive analysis of the practical and theoretical issues encountered in Australian civil procedure, including alternative dispute resolution. This text combines a wealth of primary and secondary materials from all jurisdictions. The common law is clearly set out, together with extensive practical commentary. Each chapter features in-depth questions and notes together with lists of further reading to aid and extend understanding of the issue. It also examines and discusses each substantive and procedural step in the trial and appeal process. Topics include jurisdiction of a court to consider a matter, alternative dispute resolution, limitations of actions, commencing proceedings and case management, service, pleading, parties and joinder, gathering evidence, trial and appeal, costs, enforcement and practical directions. Each of the state, territory and federal procedures is covered. New to this edition is a chapter on group proceedings. This sixth edition contains completely revised and updated legislation, Rules of Court, cases and articles. Features oÂeo Authoritative authors from different jurisdictions. oÂeo Each chapter features in-depth questions and notes together with lists of further reading. Related Titles Colbran, LexisNexis Study Guide oÂeÂ" Civil Procedure, forthcoming, 2016 Hemming & Penovic, Civil Procedure in Australia, 2015 Peden & Kumar, Quick Reference Card Civil Procedure, 2011

Civil Procedure Stories

  • Filename: civil-procedure-stories.
  • ISBN: 1587787237
  • Release Date: 2004-01-01
  • Number of pages: 534
  • Author: Kevin M. Clermont
  • Publisher:

This study aid provides a deeper understanding of the great civil procedure cases. Fourteen professors each wrote a short chapter on one of the cases, retelling the cases in their own voice and by their own method. Each chapter has separate sections containing the social and legal background of the case, factual background, lower court proceedings, final appellate disposition, issues, decisions, reasons, separate opinions, factual postscript to the case, why the case is famous and when it became so, and why it is still a leading case.

Civil Procedure

  • Filename: civil-procedure.
  • ISBN: 0314148957
  • Release Date: 2004-01-01
  • Number of pages: 374
  • Author: Kevin M. Clermont
  • Publisher: West Academic

Highlights various interpretations of cases and how they relate to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Enhances understanding of the complex federal rules and their practical applications to concrete factual situations. Contents cover general considerations, litigating step-by-step, multi-claim and multi-party litigation, governing law, and former adjudication. Includes a text correlation chart to cross-reference leading casebooks on civil procedure. Numerous examples, short questions and answers, and a practice examination are also included to help prepare for exams.

Civil Procedure

  • Filename: civil-procedure.
  • ISBN: 1454868341
  • Release Date: 2015-12-01
  • Number of pages: 960
  • Author: Stephen C. Yeazell
  • Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business

Civil Procedure is written by one of the leading voices on Procedure, Stephen Yeazell, who for this Ninth Edition is joined by his colleague Joanna Schwartz. Yeazell and Schwartz employ a pedagogical style that offers flexible organization at a manageable length. The book gives students a working knowledge of the procedural system and introduces the techniques of statutory analysis. The cases selected are factually interesting and do not involve substantive matters beyond the experience of first-year students. The problems following the cases present real-life issues. Finally, the book incorporates a number of dissenting opinions to dispel the notion that most procedural disputes present clear-cut issues.

Commentary on the Italian Code of Civil Procedure

  • Filename: commentary-on-the-italian-code-of-civil-procedure.
  • ISBN: 9780195372717
  • Release Date: 2010
  • Number of pages: 548
  • Author: Simona Grossi
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

Commentary on the Italian Code of Civil Procedure is a unique and comprehensive guide to understanding the structure and functioning of the Italian Code of Civil Procedure. The book provides a reliable translation to the provisions for the implementation of the 840 articles of the Italian Code of Civil Procedure. An indispensible resource for practitioners in the field, this book provides a description of civil procedure and the translated text of the Italian Code of Civil Procedure, with an explanation of the legal terms, provisions for the implementation of the Code, and valuable commentary. The commentary and translations included in this book were prepared by Italian attorneys with extensive experience working with the Italian Code of Civil Procedure and American Civil Procedure.

The American Legal System

  • Filename: the-american-legal-system.
  • ISBN: 0742547531
  • Release Date: 2008
  • Number of pages: 685
  • Author: Albert P. Melone
  • Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

Firmly anchored in social science concepts, the second edition of The American Legal System demonstrates the relationships among private law, the business legal environment, and public law issues, as well as related subjects of interest. This fifteen-chapter book is divided into three parts. Part I places the legal system in a political perspective centering on the origins of the law, schools of jurisprudence, branches and functions of law, legitimacy of law, how the judiciary functions in the federal system of government, and judicial interpretation and decision making. Part II contrasts legal processes: civil suits for money damages, criminal processes, equity justice, administrative processes, and alternative dispute resolution. Part III centers on the legal norms or rules governing both civil and criminal conduct, property law, family law, contract law, and government regulation of business. Throughout, the text features edited court opinions many new to this edition illustrating lively and thought-provoking controversies that are certain to spark student interest. Among the many compelling issues addressed are the legal and constitutional controversies surrounding the Bush Administration's "War on Terror," and the socially explosive developments concerning same-sex marriage. In addition, each chapter includes at least three comparative notes showing how other legal cultures in different nation-states treat legal matters. A wealth of pedagogical features chapter-opening objectives; key terms, names, and concepts; a glossary, discussion questions, and appendices are included to aid student comprehension. The authors have prepared an Instructor's Manual and Test Bank to facilitate the book's use in the classroom."

Civil Procedure

  • Filename: civil-procedure.
  • ISBN: STANFORD:36105064113405
  • Release Date: 2004
  • Number of pages: 857
  • Author: Stephen C. Yeazell
  • Publisher: Aspen Law & Business

This latest edition of the best-selling casebook in civil procedure maintains its reputation for flexible organization, manageable length, and accessible style. Civil Procedure, Sixth Edition, earned its popularity with both students and instructors by making the subject understandable without sacrificing comprehensive coverage. Continually refined through years of successful classroom use, the casebook: Provides an effective overview of the procedural system to give students a working knowledge of the system and of techniques for statutory analysis. Features a clear organization, concisely edited cases chosen to be readily accessible to first-year students, and textual notes introducing each section that highlight connections between material and practical problems. Covers the breadth of the course in fewer pages than other civil procedure casebooks, to help students master complex course material in a limited number of hours. Maintains a flexible organization for professors who want to teach topics in a different order, such as beginning with Pleadings instead of Jurisdiction. Features a complete teaching package that includes a Teacher's Manual with specific instructions for each case and each class, as well as, alternative ways to organize the book; a CD-ROM with Powerpoint slides for a complete civil procedure course; a second CD-ROM with the complete text of cases; and an annual Statutory and case Supplement. What's new in the Sixth Edition? Focus on procedure as lawyers' strategy, allowing students to see procedural rules as part of an overall litigation strategy. Expanded emphasis on interaction of arbitration and litigation, and on the courts as regulators of arbitral fairness. Updated discovery materials addressing recent Rules changes. More thorough treatment of settlements now include sample documents and problems. Coverage of recent developments regarding the Internet and personal jurisdiction, the Erie doctrine, pleading doctrines, litigation finance, and fee. See for yourself why Stephen C. Yeazell's Civil Procedure is the choice of so many instructors nationwide -- examine the Sixth Edition before your next course.

Civil Procedure

  • Filename: civil-procedure.
  • ISBN: 1454851333
  • Release Date: 2014-05-15
  • Number of pages: 1307
  • Author: Joseph W. Glannon
  • Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business

Civil Procedure is available for purchase in the traditional hardcover format or in the new Connected Casebook format. Choose the Connected Casebook to get a hardcover casebook on loan* for the entire course, PLUS lifelong access to CasebookConnect, which includes the digital casebook, outlining tool, and interactive study center. Learn more at www.aspenlaw.com/connected. Civil Procedure: A Coursebook provides solid scholarship but does not hide the ball. The book's accessibility, organization, and interior design support its innovative pedagogy. FEATURES: Nearly all questions asked are answered in the book Each chapter includes mini table of contents at beginning and summary of fundamentals at end Each case prefaced by accessible introduction Interior design and graphics support innovative pedagogy In-depth Teacher's Manual and superb website

Civil Procedure in a Nutshell

  • Filename: civil-procedure-in-a-nutshell.
  • ISBN: 0314093982
  • Release Date: 1996-01
  • Number of pages: 303
  • Author: Mary Kay Kane
  • Publisher:

Current Structure of Court Systems; Subject-Matter Jurisdiction; Venue; Personal Jurisdiction; Service of Process; Challenges to Plaintiff's Court Selection; Pleading; Party and Claim Joinder; Discovery; Pretrial Conferences; Summary Judgment; Default Judgment; Voluntary and Involuntary Dismissal; The Trial Process; Jury Trial; Directed Verdicts; Judgments Notwithstanding the Verdict; New Trial Motions; Partial and Conditional New Trials; Relief from Judgments; Securing and Enforcing Judgments; Binding Effect of Judgments; Time for Bringing an Appeal; Mechanics of Appeal; Class Actions; Interpleader; Multidistrict Litigation; Standing, Mootness, and Justiciability; Determining the Governing, Law in Federal Courts; Federal Law in State Courts.

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