The Hang Up

  • Filename: the-hang-up.
  • ISBN: 1682812065
  • Release Date: 2016-06-13
  • Number of pages: 220
  • Author: Tawna Fenske
  • Publisher: Entangled Publishing

PR specialist Miriam Ashley makes her living cleaning up bad boys. Mountain climber-turned-CEO Jason Sanders should be an easy fix. And with a nephew to care for, he's motivated. The problem? Every time she tries to help Jason get his head in the boardroom, they end up in thebedroom. What the hell is she thinking? He's the definition of off-limits. Not just because he's a client-he spends his free time risking his life mountain climbing. The same thing that got her father killed. She's not going to open her heart to a guy who could disappear at the drop of a...well, she'd rather not finish that thought. She needs to leave complicated alone, but every time she sees Jason, something tells her it's her who might fall..."

First Impressions

  • Filename: first-impressions.
  • ISBN: 9780689870828
  • Release Date: 2004
  • Number of pages: 240
  • Author: Melinda Metz
  • Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Following the death of his mother, a resentful Ephram Brown must leave bustling New York City when his father, neurosurgeon Andy Brown, decides to start a family practice in tranquil Everwood, Colorado.

Telephone Etiquette Making Lasting First Impressions

  • Filename: telephone-etiquette-making-lasting-first-impressions.
  • ISBN: 9781629217116
  • Release Date: 2013-09-04
  • Number of pages: 32
  • Author: Theo Gilbert-Jamison
  • Publisher: VOOK

In most instances the telephone is the first impression that a customer has of us. If we donÕt do well, it may be the last impression that they have of us Ð because they may not come back. Just as there is etiquette for face-to-face service, there is also etiquette for telephone service. It is equally as important as the direct contact. This telephone etiquette mini-resource guide will provide you with tips, techniques, and best practices for answering and receiving calls, handling difficult callers, transferring calls, and suggested telephone verbiage that exemplifies professionalism and finesse. Ê

First Impressions

  • Filename: first-impressions.
  • ISBN:
  • Release Date: 2015-06-02
  • Number of pages: 237
  • Author: S.J. Saunders
  • Publisher: Riverbank Publishing

Ever found yourself dropped into a room where everything is trying to kill you, only to escape into the streets of Boston and have the first person you meet turn out to be a reverse cyborg? My name is Claire Jemima Stevens, and this is just one of those days. I’m not sure who I am or how I got here, but that’s going to change. I have a name, a recording of the man who stole my life, and the memory of a boy with a kind, jagged face. All I have to do is find him.

First Impressions

  • Filename: first-impressions.
  • ISBN: 9780764491207
  • Release Date: 2013-01-15
  • Number of pages: 144
  • Author: Mark Waltz
  • Publisher: Group Publishing, Inc.

Guests in church often decide whether to return or not before service even starts. It's crucial to create a welcoming environment for guests of your church--to ensure that their first impression is the best impression. Author Mark Waltz gives you practical strategies that have worked in his own church--that you can easily implement in yours. Learn how to make guests feel welcome the moment they pull in to your parking lot. Gain an understanding of the philosophy, strategy, and implementation of a ministry that focuses on welcoming guests. Get practical ideas that take your church "greeting" to a whole new level.

Personal Development for Life and Work

  • Filename: personal-development-for-life-and-work.
  • ISBN: 9780538450232
  • Release Date: 2010-02-03
  • Number of pages: 480
  • Author: Ann Masters
  • Publisher: Cengage Learning

Personal Development for Life and Work 10e is an easy-to-read and easy-to-use practical text focused on helping students better understand themselves, discover their potential, and prepare for successful employment. Chapter topics are all about gaining self-awareness, developing soft skills and strong communication skills, and adopting professional workplace attitudes and skills to succeed in the workplace. The text is divided into four parts: 1) It's All About You; 2) It's All About Communicating; 3) It's All About Working with Others; 4) It's All About Workplace Success. Chapters are arranged in short sections that include self-assessments, case studies, and activities that are appropriate for both business and personal situations. Topics keep the reader's attention; coverage is thorough without being overwhelming. End-of-chapter features includes Points to Remember, Key Terms, Bookmark It, Activities, and Case Studies. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Great Gatsby

  • Filename: the-great-gatsby.
  • ISBN: 074324639X
  • Release Date: 2003-05-27
  • Number of pages: 165
  • Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Publisher: Simon and Schuster

The exemplary novel of the Jazz Age, F. Scott Fitzgeralds' third book, The Great Gatsby (1925), stands as the supreme achievement of his career. T. S. Eliot read it three times and saw it as the "first step" American fiction had taken since Henry James; H. L. Mencken praised "the charm and beauty of the writing," as well as Fitzgerald's sharp social sense; and Thomas Wolfe hailed it as Fitzgerald's "best work" thus far. The story of the fabulously wealthy Jay Gatsby and his love for the beautiful Daisy Buchanan, of lavish parties on Long Island at a time when, The New York Times remarked, "gin was the national drink and sex the national obsession," it is an exquisitely crafted tale of America in the 1920s that resonates with the power of myth. A novel of lyrical beauty yet brutal realism, of magic, romance, and mysticism, The Great Gatsby is one of the great classics of twentieth-century literature.

Cold Calling Telemarketing Telesales Winning Answers to All Your Questions The Tips and Tricks That Made Me Rich

  • Filename: cold-calling-telemarketing-telesales-winning-answers-to-all-your-questions-the-tips-and-tricks-that-made-me-rich.
  • ISBN: 9781304345783
  • Release Date: 2013-08
  • Number of pages: 214
  • Author: Elayne Nusbaum
  • Publisher:


The Accidental Elopement

  • Filename: the-accidental-elopement.
  • ISBN: 9781601834690
  • Release Date: 2016-11-22
  • Number of pages: 272
  • Author: Maggie Dallen
  • Publisher: Lyrical Shine

First comes love, then comes marriage—or is it the other way around? Lucia is an Italian spitfire with big dreams like her billionaire grandfather. But she wants to become a top tier fashion designer, not the heir to the family business in Italy. Now is her only chance to forge her own path. And what better place to start than in New York City? But working behind a bar doesn’t exactly pay the rent. Her trust fund would come in handy, but she needs to get married first. Luckily, she may have found the perfect husband candidate in her co-worker, who just happens to be the most charismatic and devastatingly gorgeous man she’s ever met . . . There’s more to Ryan’s charming smile than meets the eye—he’s out for revenge and working for his enemy is his best bet at getting it. When Lucia comes to him with her crazy plan, he sees a perfect opportunity to make his move. But doing that could mean hurting his new wife. They say nothing’s sweeter than revenge—but “they” never met a woman like Lucia . . .

Medical Assisting Administrative and Clinical Competencies

  • Filename: medical-assisting-administrative-and-clinical-competencies.
  • ISBN: 9781111135126
  • Release Date: 2011-08-18
  • Number of pages: 1200
  • Author: Michelle Blesi
  • Publisher: Cengage Learning

MEDICAL ASSISTING: ADMINISTRATIVE AND CLINICAL COMPETENCIES, Seventh Edition, delivers the critical knowledge base and skills for entry-level medical assistants in an easy-to-understand and proven format. Newly organized for greater effectiveness, the text also includes the latest in emergency preparedness, ICD-10 and electronic health records. In addition, the text highlights personal growth topics like professionalism and time management. Updated and innovative, the 7th edition of Medical Assisting: Administrative and Clinical Competencies uses multiple in-text features and exclusive technology products to prepare students for a successful career in medical assisting, and give them a significant advantage in today’s competitive marketplace. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Impressive First Impressions

  • Filename: impressive-first-impressions.
  • ISBN: 0313375941
  • Release Date: 2010
  • Number of pages: 224
  • Author: Vu H. Pham
  • Publisher: Praeger Publishers

This book provides systematic frameworks, insightful information, and practical tips that will help professionals and job seekers boost their first impression on others and increase their value to employers—both in the physical and virtual world.


  • Filename: hairdressing.
  • ISBN: 1844804178
  • Release Date: 2006
  • Number of pages: 428
  • Author: Leo Palladino
  • Publisher: Cengage Learning EMEA

Hairdressing: The Foundations, Fifth Edition is the official guide to Level 2 Hairdressing. Now updated to reflect the current standards. It will be a complete course companion for those studying their Level 2 qualification. Chapters clearly demonstrate each unit title and assessment material will be provided at the end of that chapter to meet the knowledge requirements for that unit. The pedagogical structure has been regenerated and modernised. Written in a friendly and easy to follow manner. Foundations will also include artwork provided by industry leading figures such as Toni and Guy. Hairdressing: The Foundations remains the number one text for those wishing to seek a qualification at Level 2 Hairdressing.

The Essential Guide to Business Etiquette

  • Filename: the-essential-guide-to-business-etiquette.
  • ISBN: 0275997146
  • Release Date: 2007
  • Number of pages: 187
  • Author: Lillian H. Chaney
  • Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

Two best-selling authors and etiquette experts show why manners count in the business world and how to use social skills to get ahead.


  • Filename: billboard.
  • ISBN:
  • Release Date: 2000-01-15
  • Number of pages: 80
  • Author:
  • Publisher:

In its 114th year, Billboard remains the world's premier weekly music publication and a diverse digital, events, brand, content and data licensing platform. Billboard publishes the most trusted charts and offers unrivaled reporting about the latest music, video, gaming, media, digital and mobile entertainment issues and trends.

Hospitality Tourism Management

  • Filename: hospitality-tourism-management.
  • ISBN: 9789325982444
  • Release Date:
  • Number of pages:
  • Author: Rajat Gupta, Nishant Singh, Ishita Kirar & Mahesh Kumar Bairwa
  • Publisher: Vikas Publishing House

Hospitality and tourism is an emerging market in India with immense potential to generate revenue and employment. This book encourages students to take up the interdisciplinary field of hospitality and tourism management as a career. It endeavours to provide the fundamentals and a full overview of the tourism and hospitality industry in India. The book is the result of a long research, collection of relevant data, and a concerted effort towards interpreting and presenting it in a relevant shape for the readers. KEY FEATURES • Origin, functioning and scope of travel agencies and the hospitality industry in India explained • Focus on the relationship between tourism and hospitality industries in the Indian context • Charts, maps and images for easy understanding of concepts

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