The Golden Braid

  • Filename: the-golden-braid.
  • ISBN: 1410485544
  • Release Date: 2016-01-20
  • Number of pages: 477
  • Author: Melanie Dickerson
  • Publisher: Thorndike Press

In medieval Hagenheim, Germany, seventeen-year-old Rapunzel asks God for guidance as she tries to dutifully serve and obey her unpredictable mother, yet fulfill her dream of learning to read and marrying.

G del Escher Bach

  • Filename: g-del-escher-bach.
  • ISBN: 0140289208
  • Release Date: 2000
  • Number of pages: 832
  • Author: Douglas R. Hofstadter
  • Publisher: Penguin Group(CA)

'What is a self and how can a self come out of inanimate matter?' This is the riddle that drove Douglas Hofstadter to write this extraordinary book. In order to impart his original and personal view on the core mystery of human existence - our intangible sensation of 'I'-ness - Hofstadter defines the playful yet seemingly paradoxical notion of 'strange loop', and explicates this idea using analogies from many disciplines.

The Golden Ticket

  • Filename: the-golden-ticket.
  • ISBN: 9780691156491
  • Release Date: 2013
  • Number of pages: 176
  • Author: Lance Fortnow
  • Publisher: Princeton University Press

Provides a nontechnical introduction to the P-NP problem in computing—which asks whether every problem than can be verified quickly by a computer can also be solved quickly by a computer—its rich history, and its algorithmic implications for everything we do with computers and beyond.

I Am a Strange Loop

  • Filename: i-am-a-strange-loop.
  • ISBN: 9780465030798
  • Release Date: 2008-07-08
  • Number of pages: 436
  • Author: Douglas R. Hofstadter
  • Publisher: Basic Books

An original, endlessly thought-provoking, and controversial look at the nature of consciousness and identity argues that the key to understanding selves and consciousness is the "strange loop," a special kind of abstract feedback loop inhabiting our brains. Reprint.

Godel s Proof

  • Filename: godel-s-proof.
  • ISBN: 9780814758373
  • Release Date: 2008-01-01
  • Number of pages: 129
  • Author: Ernest Nagel
  • Publisher: NYU Press

“Come to me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”Mathew 11:28 (AKJV) In the early 1990s, a grassroots coalition of churches in Baltimore, Maryland helped launch what would become a national movement. Joining forces with labor and low-wage worker organizations, they passed the first municipal living wage ordinance. Since then, over 144 municipalities and counties as well as numerous universities and local businesses in the United States have enacted such ordinances. Although religious persons and organizations have been important both in the origins of the living wage movement and in its continuing success, they are often ignored or under analyzed. Drawing on participant observation in multiple cities, All You That Labor analyzes and evaluates the contributions of religious activists to the movement. The book explores the ways religious organizations do this work in concert with low-wage workers, the challenges religious activists face, and how people of faith might better nurture moral agency in relation to the political economy. Ultimately, C. Melissa Snarr provides clarity on how to continue to cultivate, renew, and expand religious resources dedicated to the moral agency of low-wage workers and their allies.

Metamagical Themas

  • Filename: metamagical-themas.
  • ISBN: 9780786723867
  • Release Date: 2008-08-04
  • Number of pages: 880
  • Author: Douglas Hofstadter
  • Publisher: Basic Books

Hofstadter’s collection of quirky essays is unified by its primary concern: to examine the way people perceive and think.

The Wonder Tales Volume One

  • Filename: the-wonder-tales-volume-one.
  • ISBN: 9781458171092
  • Release Date: 2011-04-11
  • Number of pages: 94
  • Author: Nick Davis
  • Publisher: NickDavis

Once Upon a Time… What a magical phrase that opens up a story to wonder and adventure. The Wonder Tales Volume One is a collection of all ages fantastical fables that are set in a fantasy world of Once Upon a Time, in a Land Far, Far Away known as the Ninth Kingdom. It is a world of magic, of wonder, of vain Kings, noble Heroes, beautiful Princesses, Pirates, evil Witches, scary Monsters and one very unique and smart talking Horse… The Wonder Tales Volume One, The Archer, the Horse and Other Tales collects together the first six Wonder Tales. The Archer, the Horse and the Princess The Archer, the Horse and the Golden Braid The Daughter of Frost The Archer and the Flying Pirate Ship The Girl and the Troll The Archer, the Horse and the Forgotten Quest Bonus story – I Am Wolf Read these tales to your children, or you can let them explore the wonder of reading for themselves with these magical yarns of pure imagination.

The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest

  • Filename: the-huntress-of-thornbeck-forest.
  • ISBN: 9780718026257
  • Release Date: 2015-05-12
  • Number of pages: 320
  • Author: Melanie Dickerson
  • Publisher: Harper Collins

From New York Times bestselling author comes The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest! A beautiful maiden who poaches to feed the poor. A handsome forester on a mission to catch her. Danger and love are about to unite in Thornbeck Forest. The margrave owns the finest hunting grounds for miles around—and who teaches children to read, but by night this young beauty has become the secret lifeline to the poorest of the poor. For Jorgen Hartman, the margrave’s forester, tracking down a poacher is a duty he is all too willing to perform. Jorgen inherited his post from the man who raised him . . . a man who was murdered at the hands of a poacher. When Jorgen and Odette meet at the Midsummer festival and share a connection during a dance, neither has any idea that they are already adversaries. The one man she wants is bound by duty to capture her; the one woman he loves is his cunning target . . . What becomes of a forester who protects a notorious poacher? What becomes of a poacher when she is finally discovered?

Jabberwocky and Other Poems

  • Filename: jabberwocky-and-other-poems.
  • ISBN: 0486415821
  • Release Date: 2001
  • Number of pages: 56
  • Author: Lewis Carroll
  • Publisher: Courier Corporation

Includes 34 nonsense verses and parodies: "The Walrus and the Carpenter," "Father William," "My Fancy," "A Sea Dirge," "Hiawatha's Photographing," "The Mad Gardener's Song," "Poeta Fit, non Nascitur," and many others.

The Golden Section

  • Filename: the-golden-section.
  • ISBN: 0883855348
  • Release Date: 2001-09-13
  • Number of pages: 142
  • Author: Hans Walser
  • Publisher: MAA

The Golden Section has played a part since antiquity in many parts of geometry, architecture, music, art and philosophy. However, it also appears in the newer domains of technology and fractals. This book aims both to describe examples of the Golden Section, and to show some paths to further developments.

The Silent Songbird

  • Filename: the-silent-songbird.
  • ISBN: 9780718026585
  • Release Date: 2016-11-08
  • Number of pages: 304
  • Author: Melanie Dickerson
  • Publisher: HarperCollins Christian Publishing

From New York Times bestselling author comes The Silent Songbird! Evangeline is gifted with a heavenly voice, but she is trapped in a sinister betrothal until she embarks on a daring escape and meets brave Westley le Wyse. Can he help her discover the freedom to sing again? Desperate to flee a political marriage to her cousin King Richard II’s closest advisor, Lord Shiveley—a man twice her age with shadowy motives—Evangeline runs away and joins a small band of servants journeying back to Glynval, their home village. Pretending to be mute, she gets to know Westley le Wyse, their handsome young leader, who is intrigued by the beautiful servant girl. But when the truth comes out, it may shatter any hope that love could grow between them. More than Evangeline’s future is at stake as she finds herself entangled in a web of intrigue that threatens England’s monarchy.Should she give herself up to protect the only person who cares about her? If she does, who will save the king from a plot to steal his throne?

The Beautiful Pretender

  • Filename: the-beautiful-pretender.
  • ISBN: 9780718026295
  • Release Date: 2016-05-17
  • Number of pages: 320
  • Author: Melanie Dickerson
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc

From New York Times bestselling author comes The Beautiful Pretender! After inheriting his title from his brother, the margrave has two weeks to find a noble bride. What will happen when he learns he has fallen for a lovely servant girl in disguise? The Margrave of Thornbeck has to find a bride, fast. He invites ten noble born ladies who meet the king’s approval to be his guests at Thornbeck Castle for two weeks, a time to test these ladies and reveal their true character. Avelina has only two instructions: keep her true identity a secret and make sure the margrave doesn’t select her as his bride. Since the latter seems unlikely, she concentrates on not getting caught. No one must know she is merely a maidservant, sent by the Earl of Plimmwald to stand in for his daughter, Dorothea. Despite Avelina’s best attempts at diverting attention from herself, the margrave has taken notice. And try as she might, she can’t deny her own growing feelings. But something else is afoot in the castle. Something sinister that could have far worse—far deadlier—consequences

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