Don t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

  • Filename: don-t-let-the-pigeon-drive-the-bus.
  • ISBN: 1844280136
  • Release Date: 2004
  • Number of pages: 40
  • Author: Mo Willems
  • Publisher:

When the driver leaves the bus temporarily, he gives the reader just one instruction: Don't let the pigeon drive the bus. But that pigeon tries every trick in the book to get in the driving seat. He whines, wheedles, fibs and flatters. Will you let him drive?

Silly Sillier

  • Filename: silly-sillier.
  • ISBN: 0375806091
  • Release Date: 2002
  • Number of pages: 82
  • Author: Judy Sierra
  • Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers

A compilation of folktales from twenty different cultures, each of which contains elements suited to storytelling for young children.

The Book with No Pictures

  • Filename: the-book-with-no-pictures.
  • ISBN: 0141361794
  • Release Date: 2016-04-18
  • Number of pages: 48
  • Author: B. J. Novak
  • Publisher: Puffin

You might think a book with no pictures seems boring and serious. Except . . . here's how books work. Everything written on the page has to be said by the person reading it aloud. Even if the words say . . . Blork. Or Bluurf. And even if the words include things like Blaggity Blaggityand My Head is Made of Blueberry Pizza! That's the rule. That's the deal. Brilliantly irreverent and very, very silly, The Book With No Pictures will delight kids and have them begging for more. From award-winning US comic writer and actor, B. J. Novak.

The Silly Book

  • Filename: the-silly-book.
  • ISBN: 0763622567
  • Release Date: 2004
  • Number of pages: 32
  • Author: Stuart E. Hample
  • Publisher: Candlewick Press

A collection of silliness, both verbal and visual.

The silly tail book

  • Filename: the-silly-tail-book.
  • ISBN: 081931109X
  • Release Date: 1983-09
  • Number of pages: 37
  • Author: Marc Tolon Brown
  • Publisher:

Explains, in rhymed text and illustrations, what tails are and aren't, what they can and can't do, and where they do and don't grow.


  • Filename: ridiculous.
  • ISBN: 1888444045
  • Release Date: 1996
  • Number of pages: 32
  • Author: Michael Coleman
  • Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

Instead of hibernating with her parents, a young turtle decides to explore the winter world outside their shed.


  • Filename: underwear.
  • ISBN: 9780807583104
  • Release Date: 2010-03-01
  • Number of pages: 16
  • Author: Mary Elise Monsell
  • Publisher: Albert Whitman and Company

Bismark the Buffalo is grumpy and unlovable until his friends teach him how to laugh and show him that wearing colorful underwear can be great fun.

Animal Trunk

  • Filename: animal-trunk.
  • ISBN: 0810942003
  • Release Date: 1999-09-01
  • Number of pages: 32
  • Author: Charles Ghigna
  • Publisher: Harry N. Abrams

A collection of simple poems about such animals as donkeys, cows, giraffes, monkeys, kittens, and goats.

The Twits

  • Filename: the-twits.
  • ISBN: 9780141930169
  • Release Date: 2007-09-06
  • Number of pages: 112
  • Author: Roald Dahl
  • Publisher: Penguin UK

Phizzwhizzing new cover look and branding for the World's NUMBER ONE Storyteller! Mr Twit is a foul and smelly man with bits of cornflake and sardine in his beard. Mrs Twit is a horrible old hag with a glass eye. Together they make the nastiest couple you could ever hope not to meet. Down in their garden, the Twits keep Muggle-Wump the monkey and his family locked in a cage. But not for much longer, because the monkeys are planning to trick the terrible Twits, once and for all . . . And now you can listen to THE TWITS and other Roald Dahl audiobooks read by some very famous voices, including Kate Winslet, David Walliams and Steven Fry - plus there are added squelchy soundeffects from Pinewood Studios! Also look out for new Roald Dahl apps in the App store and Google Play- including the disgusting TWIT OR MISS! and HOUSE OF TWITS inspired by the revolting Twits.

Silly Wonderful You

  • Filename: silly-wonderful-you.
  • ISBN: 9780062459558
  • Release Date: 2016-01-05
  • Number of pages: 40
  • Author: Sherri Duskey Rinker
  • Publisher: HarperCollins

Before YOU came along, so many things were different! But now . . . There's laughter, a house full of adventures and toys, a million little surprises. . . . And so much love. From bestselling author Sherri Duskey Rinker and award-winning artist Patrick McDonnell comes this funny and tender love letter from a parent to a child.

Splat the Cat The Name of the Game

  • Filename: splat-the-cat-the-name-of-the-game.
  • ISBN: 9780062090164
  • Release Date: 2012-06-19
  • Number of pages: 32
  • Author: Rob Scotton
  • Publisher: HarperCollins

Splat the Cat's friends Spike and Plank are coming over to play games. Splat is excited to play with them . . . until everything starts to go wrong! First he trips and falls in Mouse, Mouse, Cat—and then he can't find a good hiding spot in hide-and-seek. Readers will delight as Splat finds a way to have fun in the end. The Name of the Game is a perfect story for kids just learning to read, with bright, vivid illustrations and an easy-to-follow text full of Splat's signature humor!

A Silly Wacky World

  • Filename: a-silly-wacky-world.
  • ISBN: 0984228888
  • Release Date: 2010-11
  • Number of pages: 24
  • Author: Nancy Davis Wessel
  • Publisher:

Discover how strange the world would be if everything was the opposite of what we know it to be.

Silly Doggy

  • Filename: silly-doggy.
  • ISBN: 0545373239
  • Release Date: 2012
  • Number of pages: 40
  • Author: Adam Stower
  • Publisher:

When Lily discovers a bear in her garden, she mistakenly thinks it is a dog and wants to keep it for her pet.

My Weirder School 3 Mrs Lilly Is Silly

  • Filename: my-weirder-school-3-mrs-lilly-is-silly.
  • ISBN: 0061969214
  • Release Date: 2011-10-11
  • Number of pages: 112
  • Author: Dan Gutman
  • Publisher: Harper

On Career Day at Ella Mentry School, local reporter Mrs. Lilly helps A.J. and his fellow third-graders start a school newspaper, but their efforts have unexpected, and terrible, consequences.

Arthur s Funny Money

  • Filename: arthur-s-funny-money.
  • ISBN: 0064440486
  • Release Date: 1984-04-11
  • Number of pages: 64
  • Author: Lillian Hoban
  • Publisher: Harper Collins

‘An hilarious account of Arthur’s attempts to earn enough money to buy a T-shirt and cap, assisted by his sister Violet. Simple business concepts are ingeniously woven into the story. This marvelous book will capture the interest of eager learners and creative teachers.’ —YC. Children's Choices for 1982 (IRA/CBC) Children's Books of 1981 (Library of Congress)

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