Please Daddy No A Boy Betrayed

  • Filename: please-daddy-no-a-boy-betrayed.
  • ISBN: 9780007279975
  • Release Date: 2008-09-04
  • Number of pages: 320
  • Author: Stuart Howarth
  • Publisher: HarperCollins UK

Stuart just wanted his father to love him, but he was made to believe he was too naughty to be loved. Finally David Howarth was sent to prison for abusing Stuart's young sisters. Nobody knew the truth about Stuart's abuse until one fateful day when his father tried it again and Stuart fought back in the only way he knew how.

Please Daddy No

  • Filename: please-daddy-no.
  • ISBN: 9780007236374
  • Release Date: 2006
  • Number of pages: 272
  • Author: Stuart Howarth
  • Publisher: HarperCollins UK

Stuart just wanted his father to love him, but he was made to believe he was too naughty to be loved. Finally, David Howarth was sent to prison for abusing Stuart's young sisters. This book presents the story of a sweet-natured boy who grew into a brave young man and refused to allow himself to be a victim any longer.

Beyond Explicit

  • Filename: beyond-explicit.
  • ISBN: 9781438449616
  • Release Date: 2014-02-01
  • Number of pages: 248
  • Author: Helen Hester
  • Publisher: SUNY Press

Develops a novel characterization of the pornographic as a cultural concept. This original contribution to porn studies aims to interrogate previously untheorized changes in contemporary understandings of the pornographic. Helen Hester argues that the words “porn” and “pornographic” are currently being applied to an ever-expanding range of material and that this change in language usage reflects a wider shift in perception. She suggests that we are witnessing a seemingly paradoxical move away from sex within contemporary understandings of porn, as a range of other factors come to influence the concept. Using examples from media, literature, and culture, and discussing the rise of notions such as “torture porn” and “misery porn,” Hester’s argument ranges from sexually explicit German novels and British policy documents to a discussion of the differences between European and American editions of pornographic films. She concludes that four factors in particular—transgression, intensity, prurience, and authenticity—can be seen to influence the way that we think about porn.

Lives of the Novelists

  • Filename: lives-of-the-novelists.
  • ISBN: 9781847653437
  • Release Date: 2011-10-27
  • Number of pages: 704
  • Author: John Sutherland
  • Publisher: Profile Books

Arranged in chronological order, the novelist's lives are opinionated, informative, frequently funny and often shocking. Professor Sutherland's authors come from all over the world; their writings illustrate every kind of fiction from gothic, penny dreadfuls and pornography to fantasy, romance and high literature. The book shows the changing forms of the genre, and how the aspirations of authors to divert and sometimes to educate their readers, has in some respects radically changed over the centuries, and in others - such as their interest in sex and relationships - remained remarkably constant.

Don t Tell Mummy

  • Filename: don-t-tell-mummy.
  • ISBN: 140741724X
  • Release Date: 2008
  • Number of pages: 342
  • Author: Toni Maguire
  • Publisher:

This heart-wrenching memoir from Toni Maguire tells the deeply moving story of an idyllic childhood that masked a terrible truth. Underneath her mother's gentility and her father's roguish charm lay horrifying secrets, which eventually led to their only child's near destruction. The first time her father made an improper advance on Toni, she was six years old. Her father warned her not to tell her mother, or anyone else, because they would blame her and wouldn't love her any more. It had to remain 'our secret.' When she finally built up the courage to tell her mother what had happened, she was told never to speak of the matter again. With no one to turn to, isolated and alone in rural Ireland, the abuse continued unhindered. At fourteen Toni fell pregnant by her father, and when her state was discovered she was made to have a late abortion which almost killed her. The truth of her childhood could no longer be kept hidden but, just as her father predicted, Toni found herself judged and rejected by her family, teachers and friends. The blame and anger she was treated with only worsened when her father was sent to prison as a result of his actions. This is the compelling story of her struggle to put the ghost of her childhood to rest, and emerge ultimately triumphant.

Daddy s Apprentice

  • Filename: daddy-s-apprentice.
  • ISBN: 9780595135547
  • Release Date: 2000
  • Number of pages: 132
  • Author: Sandy Wilson
  • Publisher: iUniverse

Incest. Abandonment. Crime. Betrayal . . . the integral elements of Sandy Wilson's life. Born of incest to a brother and sister, then abandoned to the care of her grandparents, Sandy learned to forage in dumpsters for food, to dupe government caregivers, and to defraud insurance companies. When she was six-years-old, her father returned from prison. Within hours, he had molested her and reestablished himself as the head of the family. Sandy became his criminal accomplice and his sexual partner. She accompanied him on countless burglaries throughout the Pacific Northwest. Through the years, she knew that her father ducked FBI raids, murdered two teen-age hitchhikers, sweet-talked prostitutes into his bed while molesting their daughters, and committed crimes with other accomplices. Somehow, he avoided capture or prosecution. After a decade of his brutal enslavement and her grandmother's silent complicity, Sandy emancipated in the only way she knew - with cunning and violence. Determination. Hope. Self-preservation . . . the enduring elements of Sandy Wilson's survival.

A Father s Betrayal

  • Filename: a-father-s-betrayal.
  • ISBN: 1909477184
  • Release Date: 2014-07-25
  • Number of pages: 372
  • Author: Gabriella Gillespie
  • Publisher:

Muna and her three sisters were happy children, growing up in Newport South Wales with their English mother and Arabic father. But in 1972 her mother disappeared, setting in motion a chain of events which would forever shatter her seemingly loving family. The young girls would later learn that she had been murdered by their own father. Traumatised and confused, Muna and her sisters were taken abroad under the guise of a holiday, unaware of the horrors that lay ahead. Betrayed by the one person left to protect them, the sisters were unwittingly sold as child brides by their father. Suffering 17 years of horrific abuse at the hands of her father and others, Muna watched helplessly as, one by one, those she loved the most were torn from her, in the most tragic of circumstances. A Father's Betrayal is the unbelievable true story of Muna's desperate battle for survival, on a devastating journey which claimed the lives of her mother and sister, and changed her own life forever.

The God of Small Things

  • Filename: the-god-of-small-things.
  • ISBN: 014302857X
  • Release Date: 2002
  • Number of pages: 339
  • Author: Arundhati Roy
  • Publisher: Penguin Books India

International No 1 Bestseller. Winner Of The 1997 Booker Prize &Nbsp;

Wounds of the Father

  • Filename: wounds-of-the-father.
  • ISBN: 069237874X
  • Release Date: 2015-02-06
  • Number of pages: 364
  • Author: Elizabeth Garrison
  • Publisher:

In the bestselling tradition of "Smashed" and "Glass Castle," this raw, eye-opening memoir tells the powerful story of Elizabeth Garrison's fractured childhood, descent into teenage drug addiction, and struggle to overcome nearly insurmountable odds. Elizabeth invites the reader behind the closed doors of a picture-perfect Christian family to reveal a dark, hidden world of child abuse, domestic violence, and chilling family secrets all performed in the name of God under the tyrannical rule of her father. Like countless teenage girls, Elizabeth turns to drugs and alcohol to escape. With smack-you-in-the-face honesty, Elizabeth chronicles the dark realities and real-life horrors of teenage drug abuse, living on the streets, foster homes, and treatment centers. She paints an unsparing portrait of scratching and clawing her way out of the grips of child abuse, addiction, and betrayal to find the strength within herself to save her own life.

The Black Count

  • Filename: the-black-count.
  • ISBN: 9781448130115
  • Release Date: 2012-09-20
  • Number of pages: 432
  • Author: Tom Reiss
  • Publisher: Random House

WINNER OF THE PULITZER PRIZE FOR BIOGRAPHY 2013 ‘Completely absorbing’ Amanda Foreman 'Enthralling’ Guardian ‘The Three Musketeers! The Count of Monte Cristo! The stories of course are fiction. But here a prize-winning author shows us that the inspiration for the swashbuckling stories was, in fact, Dumas’s own father, Alex - the son of a marquis and a black slave... He achieved a giddy ascent from private in the Dragoons to the rank of general; an outsider who had grown up among slaves, he was all for Liberty and Equality. Alex Dumas was the stuff of legend’ Daily Mail So how did such this extraordinary man get erased by history? Why are there no statues of ‘Monsieur Humanity’ as his troops called him? The Black Count uncovers what happened and the role Napoleon played in Dumas’s downfall. By walking the same ground as Dumas - from Haiti to the Pyramids, Paris to the prison cell at Taranto – Reiss, like the novelist before him, triumphantly resurrects this forgotten hero. ‘Entrances from first to last. Dumas the novelist would be proud’ Independent ‘Brilliant’ Glasgow Herald

In the Country of Men

  • Filename: in-the-country-of-men.
  • ISBN: 9780440336648
  • Release Date: 2007-01-30
  • Number of pages: 256
  • Author: Hisham Matar
  • Publisher: Dial Press

BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Hisham Matar's Anatomy of a Disappearance. Libya, 1979. Nine-year-old Suleiman’s days are circumscribed by the narrow rituals of childhood: outings to the ruins surrounding Tripoli, games with friends played under the burning sun, exotic gifts from his father’s constant business trips abroad. But his nights have come to revolve around his mother’s increasingly disturbing bedside stories full of old family bitterness. And then one day Suleiman sees his father across the square of a busy marketplace, his face wrapped in a pair of dark sunglasses. Wasn’t he supposed to be away on business yet again? Why is he going into that strange building with the green shutters? Why did he lie? Suleiman is soon caught up in a world he cannot hope to understand—where the sound of the telephone ringing becomes a portent of grave danger; where his mother frantically burns his father’s cherished books; where a stranger full of sinister questions sits outside in a parked car all day; where his best friend’s father can disappear overnight, next to be seen publicly interrogated on state television. In the Country of Men is a stunning depiction of a child confronted with the private fallout of a public nightmare. But above all, it is a debut of rare insight and literary grace.

Not Without My Sister

  • Filename: not-without-my-sister.
  • ISBN: 0007248075
  • Release Date: 2008
  • Number of pages: 416
  • Author: Celeste Jones
  • Publisher: Harpercollins Pub Limited

Kristina, Celeste, and Juliana were all born into the Children of God cult, and from as early as three years old were mistreated and used as sexual beings. They were denied access to formal schooling, forced to wander the streets begging for money, and were mercilessly beaten for "crimes" as harmless as reading an encyclopedia. After being separated from each other and their mothers and forced to live in various missions with multiple foster parents, the sisters eventually managed to escape. In this startling exposé, they have come together to reveal in horrific detail the group that has destroyed the lives of so many. Their intertwining stories reveal a community spread throughout the world whose legacy of anorexia, depression, drug abuse, suicide, and even murder are impossible to erase. Together, the sisters found a strength that finally enabled them to uncover and free themselves from the shadows of their past.

The Boy No One Loved A Heartbreaking True Story of Abuse Abandonment and Betrayal

  • Filename: the-boy-no-one-loved-a-heartbreaking-true-story-of-abuse-abandonment-and-betrayal.
  • ISBN: 9780007436576
  • Release Date: 2011-10-13
  • Number of pages: 304
  • Author: Casey Watson
  • Publisher: HarperCollins UK

Sunday Times bestselling author and foster carer Casey Watson’s first heartbreaking memoir. Justin was five years old; his brothers two and three. Their mother, a heroin addict, had left them alone again. Later that day, after trying to burn down the family home, Justin was taken into care.

The Step Child

  • Filename: the-step-child.
  • ISBN: 9781446490570
  • Release Date: 2011-08-31
  • Number of pages: 240
  • Author: Donna Ford
  • Publisher: Random House

The true story of Donna Ford, who between the ages of five and eleven was abused by her stepmother Helen. Labelled 'the bastard', the 'little witch' and 'the evil one'; beaten, isolated and afraid to even look at her own reflection, this beautiful little child was told she was lucky to be the victim of abuse - abuse which began as physical and mental, but progressed to the most appalling sexual attacks. Despite an horrendous early life, Donna is now a successful artist and mother of three with an enormous enthusiasm and an optimism which completely belies her experiences. In 2003, Donna watched as her stepmother was found guilty of 'procuring a minor' for sexual abuse and sentenced to two years in prison. Beautifully written and savagely honest, The Step Child is Donna's story. It is an inspiring tribute to the resilience of the human spirit.

No Secret So Close

  • Filename: no-secret-so-close.
  • ISBN: 9781450299077
  • Release Date: 2011-04-07
  • Number of pages:
  • Author: Claire Dorotik
  • Publisher: iUniverse

Claire Dorotik is twenty-four years old, her whole life in front of her, when her father is brutally murdered and her mother is arrested for the crime. Along with her grief and struggle to stay in her master's program for psychotherapy, Claire is now solely responsible for maintaining and protecting her family's horse business and ranch, which occupies all her waking hours and then some. Then, in a cruel twist of fate, her mother places blame for the murder directly on Claire-on the daughter so much like the father, the daughter who loved and shared everything with him. With few places to turn-her family siding with her mother and her friends no longer answering her calls-Claire begins to rely more and more on the support and love of her horses. Even while learning new depth to the feelings of loss, betrayal, abandonment, and terror, Claire discovers the horses' amazing capacity for empathy in the face of human trauma and their almost psychic ability to provide her with what had been taken from her. Through their wisdom, joy, and sacrifice, these incredible heroes show Claire and us all that life, even in the darkest and most horrifying times, is still worth living.

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