Out Of Control

  • Filename: out-of-control.
  • ISBN: 9780786747030
  • Release Date: 2009-04-30
  • Number of pages: 528
  • Author: Kevin Kelly
  • Publisher: Basic Books

Out of Control chronicles the dawn of a new era in which the machines and systems that drive our economy are so complex and autonomous as to be indistinguishable from living things.

Out of Control

  • Filename: out-of-control.
  • ISBN: 9780764209116
  • Release Date: 2011-08-01
  • Number of pages: 336
  • Author: Mary Connealy
  • Publisher: Bethany House

In a humorous historical romance, cowboy Rafe Kincaid must choose between family bonds that could restore his trust or a love--in the form of Julia Gilliland--that could heal his heart. Original.

Out of Control

  • Filename: out-of-control.
  • ISBN: 1897238762
  • Release Date: 2013
  • Number of pages: 248
  • Author: Shefali Tsabary
  • Publisher: Namaste Pub Incorporated

The author discusses how parental overconcern with discipline can lead to adult dysfunction for a child later in life and argues for a better relationship with children based on communication, respect, and an emphasis on personal responsibility.

Out of Control

  • Filename: out-of-control.
  • ISBN: 0849940494
  • Release Date: 1997-08
  • Number of pages: 212
  • Author: Mark Lowry
  • Publisher: W Publishing Group

Comedic giant Mark Lowry is once again on the loose. His storytelling humor can provoke thought and theological insights as well as tickle funny bones, because, for Mark, laughter is salve for the soul.

The Ten Commandments of Dating

  • Filename: the-ten-commandments-of-dating.
  • ISBN: 9781418537661
  • Release Date: 2008-01-06
  • Number of pages: 224
  • Author: Ben Young
  • Publisher: Harper Collins

The Ten Commandments of Dating, completely revised and updated, offers hope and sanity to singles who are sick and tired of the dating scene. Many people are tired of pouring time, energy, and money into relationships that start off great and end with heartache. Because of that, they need The Ten Commandments of Dating to give them the hard-hitting, black-and-white, practical guidelines that will address their questions and frustrations about dating. Revised and updated for a new generation of daters, this guide will help men and women keep their head as they search for the desires of their hearts. The Ten Commandments of Dating isn't more relationship advice; it's relationship common sense. If people keep the ten commandments of dating, their relationships will run more smoothly, they will be protected from the pain of contemporary dating pitfalls, and they'll be on their way to building living, lasting relationships.

Out of Control

  • Filename: out-of-control.
  • ISBN: 1471157849
  • Release Date: 2016-10-20
  • Number of pages: 352
  • Author: Cathal McCarron
  • Publisher:

Cathal McCarron is a Tyrone footballer, talented enough to be nominated for an All-Star twice in the last three years. However, he hid a dark secret for years, a gambling addiction which almost destroyed him. While effectively on the run in London in 2013, his life had spiralled so viciously out of control that he ended up having sex with a man for a gay porn website. After getting paid, he walked across the road and gambled half his earnings in a betting shop. When footage subsequently leaked, McCarron could no longer hide his terrible secret, and keep running from his troubled past. He slowly began the long road back to rehabilitation. After a year out of the inter-county game with Tyrone in 2014, McCarron made a remarkable recovery in 2015, ending the season with an All-Star nomination. His story is a remarkable tale of the hidden demons that often visit and terrorise inter-county players. It also underlines the pressures and expectations so often taken for granted with amateur players. McCarron recalls his journey with searing honesty, from the depths of depression and to the edge of suicide to path taken back to recovery and rehabilitation. He is now studying to be a counsellor, aiming to help people rid themselves of the demons that once almost destroyed his life. The edge to the book is added with McCarron still an active inter-county player. His journey will also take you inside the dressing room of a team with serious ambitions of winning another All-Ireland title. McCarron's story is unlike any other written by a GAA player before.

Parenting Out of Control

  • Filename: parenting-out-of-control.
  • ISBN: 0814758681
  • Release Date: 2010-05-01
  • Number of pages: 276
  • Author: Margaret K. Nelson
  • Publisher: NYU Press

They go by many names: helicopter parents, hovercrafts, PFHs (Parents from Hell). The news media is filled with stories of well-intentioned parents going to ridiculous extremes to remove all obstacles from their child’s path to greatness . . . or at least to an ivy league school. From cradle to college, they remain intimately enmeshed in their children’s lives, stifling their development and creating infantilized, spoiled, immature adults unprepared to make the decisions necessary for the real world. Or so the story goes. Drawing on a wealth of eye-opening interviews with parents across the country, Margaret K. Nelson cuts through the stereotypes and hyperbole to examine the realities of what she terms “parenting out of control.” Situating this phenomenon within a broad sociological context, she finds several striking explanations for why today’s prosperous and well-educated parents are unable to set realistic boundaries when it comes to raising their children. Analyzing the goals and aspirations parents have for their children as well as the strategies they use to reach them, Nelson discovers fundamental differences among American parenting styles that expose class fault lines, both within the elite and between the elite and the middle and working classes. Nelson goes on to explore the new ways technology shapes modern parenting. From baby monitors to cell phones (often referred to as the world’s longest umbilical cord), to social networking sites, and even GPS devices, parents have more tools at their disposal than ever before to communicate with, supervise, and even spy on their children. These play important and often surprising roles in the phenomenon of parenting out of control. Yet the technologies parents choose, and those they refuse to use, often seem counterintuitive. Nelson shows that these choices make sense when viewed in the light of class expectations. Today’s parents are faced with unprecedented opportunities and dangers for their children, and are evolving novel strategies to adapt to these changes. Nelson’s lucid and insightful work provides an authoritative examination of what happens when these new strategies go too far.

Out of Control

  • Filename: out-of-control.
  • ISBN: 9780804758192
  • Release Date: 2008
  • Number of pages: 270
  • Author: Erich Goode
  • Publisher: Stanford University Press

A supplemental textbook that examines the self-control theory of crime from a range of perspectives, both supportive and critical.


  • Filename: out-of-control.
  • ISBN:
  • Release Date: 2004-09-01
  • Number of pages: 200
  • Author: Yvonne Moore
  • Publisher: Yvonne Moore

Out Of control is a collection of mini mysteries that's intriguing and entertaining. The characters are absolutely out of control. A must read.

Running Out of Control

  • Filename: running-out-of-control.
  • ISBN: 9781565491519
  • Release Date: 2002
  • Number of pages: 235
  • Author: R. Alan Hedley
  • Publisher: Kumarian Press

* Shows how our attempt to gain control through technology and interconnected systems actually leaves us more open to threat * Uses a concrete systems-theory approach to explain globalization’s impact on contemporary society * Presents approaches and strategies to correct the threats of a globalized world Is globalization reducing our ability to guide our futures? Hedley contends that although humankind has historically gained increasing power over its fate, the trajectory of control is now on a downward course. While our globalized systems provide greater scale, access, speed, and efficiency than ever before, we are paradoxically becoming more vulnerable to unseen risks thanks to the massive information and communication infrastructure. This book tells us how to take back control.

Out of Control

  • Filename: out-of-control.
  • ISBN: 9780756540647
  • Release Date: 2009-01-01
  • Number of pages: 47
  • Author: Lyn A. Sirota
  • Publisher: Capstone

Out of Control is a Capstone Press publication.

Autonomous Technology

  • Filename: autonomous-technology.
  • ISBN: 0262730499
  • Release Date: 1977-01-01
  • Number of pages: 386
  • Author: Langdon Winner
  • Publisher: MIT Press

The truth of the matter is that our deficiency does not lie in the want of well-verified "facts." What we lack is our bearings. The contemporary experience of things technological has repeatedly confounded our vision, our expectations, and our capacity to make intelligent judgments. Categories, arguments, conclusions, and choices that would have been entirely obvious in earlier times are obvious no longer. Patterns of perceptive thinking that were entirely reliable in the past now lead us systematically astray. Many of our standard conceptions of technology reveal a disorientation that borders on dissociation from reality. And as long as we lack the ability to make our situation intelligible, all of the "data" in the world will make no difference. ;From the Introduction

Out of Control

  • Filename: out-of-control.
  • ISBN: IND:30000039117159
  • Release Date: 1993-01
  • Number of pages: 196
  • Author: Anne Campbell
  • Publisher:

Psychologist and criminologist Anne Campbell listens to the voices of men and women as they describe their aggressive feelings, and constructs an approach to the vexed topic of gender and aggression. She argues that the crucial difference between female and male aggressiveness is that men see aggression as a means of gaining control over others, while women see it as a loss of self-control. Daughters are deeply ashamed when they get angry, but sons soon learn to associate aggression with courage and triumph. The implications of this, from rage within intimate relationships to violence in the streets and the attitude of the male establishment - including the judiciary - to women's anger and aggression, are explored.

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