Organised Sexual Abuse

  • Filename: organised-sexual-abuse.
  • ISBN: 9780415689779
  • Release Date: 2012-10-16
  • Number of pages: 208
  • Author: Michael Salter
  • Publisher: Routledge

This book examines the sexual abuse of children by groups or networks. It reviews the debates and controversy surrounding organised abuse and examines case studies of 21 adults in Australia who experienced organised sexual abuse in childhood. Themes discussed include: the relationship between sexual abuse and organised abuse; debates on allegations and recovered memories; police responses; the contexts in which sexually abusive groups develop and operate; the role of religion and ritual in subcultures of organised sexual abuse; and the experience of adult and child victims in the criminal justice system and health system.

Organised Sexual Abuse

  • Filename: organised-sexual-abuse.
  • ISBN: 9781136177798
  • Release Date: 2012-11-12
  • Number of pages: 216
  • Author: Michael Salter
  • Publisher: Routledge

Organised Sexual Abuse offers a comprehensive, interdisciplinary investigation of this phenomenon. Since the early 1980s, social workers and mental health professionals around the globe have encountered clients reporting sexual abuse by organized groups or networks. These allegations have been amongst the most controversial in debates over child sexual abuse, raising many unanswered questions. Are reports of organized abuse factual or the product of moral panic and false memories? If these reports are true, what is the appropriate response? The fields of child protection and psychotherapy have been polarised over the issue. And, although cases of organized abuse continue to be uncovered, a reasoned and evidence-based analysis of the subject is long overdue. Examining the existing evidence, and supplementing it with further qualitative research, in this book Michael Salter addresses: the relationship between sexual abuse and organized abuse; questions over the veracity of testimony; the gap between the policing response to sexual abuse and the realities of child sexual exploitation; the contexts in which sexually abusive groups develop and operate; the role of religion and ritual in subcultures of multi-perpetrator sexual abuse; as well as the experience of adults and children with histories of organized abuse in the criminal justice system and health system. Organized Sexual Abuse thus provides a definitive analysis that will be of immense value to those with professional and academic interests in this area.

Grappling with Smoke

  • Filename: grappling-with-smoke.
  • ISBN: UOM:39015045663229
  • Release Date: 1998
  • Number of pages: 41
  • Author: Bernard Gallagher
  • Publisher:

The past five years have seen increased recognition of the scale of organized child sexual abuse. Summarizing interviews with police officers, social services department staff and voluntary sector staff, this report examines investigations into 13 community based, five institution based and two family based cases of organized abuse. The report considers the implications for multi-disciplinary practice.

Situational Prevention of Organised Crimes

  • Filename: situational-prevention-of-organised-crimes.
  • ISBN: 9781843927723
  • Release Date: 2010
  • Number of pages: 222
  • Author: Karen Bullock
  • Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Situational crime prevention is the art and science of reducing opportunities for crime. Despite accumulating evidence of its value in reducing many different kinds of crime - such as burglary, fraud, robbery, car theft, child sexual abuse and even terrorism - little has previously been published about its role in reducing organised crimes. This collection of case studies, by a distinguished international group of researchers, fills this gap by documenting the application of a situational prevention approach to a variety of organised crimes. These include sex trafficking, cigarette and drug smuggling, timber theft, mortgage fraud, corruption of private professionals and public officials, and subversion of tendering procedures for construction projects. By moving the focus away from the nature of criminal organisations to the analysis of the crimes committed by these organisations, the book opens up a fresh agenda for policy and research. Situational Prevention of Organised Crimes will be of interest to those tasked with tackling organised crime problems, as well as those interested in understanding the ways that organised crime problems have manifested themselves globally, and how law enforcement and other agencies might seek to tackle them in the future.

Organised abuse

  • Filename: organised-abuse.
  • ISBN: UOM:39015037787267
  • Release Date: 1996
  • Number of pages: 278
  • Author: Peter C. Bibby
  • Publisher:

This is the first Anglophone book covering the whole spectrum of organised abuse. It is intended to give the reader a basic understanding of how paedophiles work, how to intervene successfully and issues for the children, their families, front-line staff, their managers and the wider community, including international perspectives.

Child Sexual Abuse and the Catholic Church

  • Filename: child-sexual-abuse-and-the-catholic-church.
  • ISBN: 9780199328994
  • Release Date: 2013-04-01
  • Number of pages: 400
  • Author: Marie Keenan
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press

A meticulously researched inside look at child sexual abuse by clergy, this exhaustive, hard-hitting analysis weaves together interviews with abusive priests and church historical and administrative details to propose a new way of thinking about clerical sexual offenders. Linking the personal and the institutional, researcher and therapist Marie Keenan locates the problem of child sexual abuse not exclusively in individual pathology, but also within larger systemic factors, such as the very institution of priesthood itself, the Catholic take on sexuality, clerical culture, power relations, governance structures of the Catholic Church, the process of formation for priesthood and religious life, and the complex manner in which these factors coalesce to create serious institutional risks for boundary violations, including child sexual abuse. Keenan draws on the priests' own words not to excuse their horrific crimes, but to offer the first in-depth account of a tragic, multi-faceted phenomenon. What emerges is a troubling portrait of a Church in crisis and a series of recommendations that call for nothing less than a new ecclesiology and a new, more critical theology. Only through radical institutional reform, Keenan argues, can a more representative and accountable Church emerge. Child Sexual Abuse and the Catholic Church is a unique reference for scholars of the Church and therapists who work with both victims and offenders, as well as a forward-thinking blueprint for reform.

Surviving Paedophilia

  • Filename: surviving-paedophilia.
  • ISBN: 1858561361
  • Release Date: 1999
  • Number of pages: 173
  • Author: Kate Cairns
  • Publisher: Stylus Publishing, LLC.

Like a blast from a bomb, organized child sexual abuse generates waves of harm far beyond the immediate impact. The devastated and haunted lives of victims can be reflected in the experience of family and friends. The professionals whose work requires them to expose or heal the effects of organized abuse can themselves become secondary victims, haunted in their turn by shadows they cannot escape. "Surviving Paedophilia" is a personal account of this devastation by one such professional, designed to bring guidance, support and help to others. Kate Cairns is a childcare consultant and social work teacher who has spent over twenty years caring for children in a residential setting. This book blends the stories of many survivors of pedophilia and their kin with the stories of fellow workers in child care and of her own experience and observation. This unique book is a powerful record of those who have survived pedophilia, and one that will bring inspiration to all who read it. It offers hope for breaking the patterns of destruction and the "circles of harm" that radiate from child sexual abuse. An essential book for anyone working professionally with children, and for those in the helping professions.

Sexual harassment and abuse in sport

  • Filename: sexual-harassment-and-abuse-in-sport.
  • ISBN: 1861770405
  • Release Date: 2002-06
  • Number of pages: 171
  • Author: Celia Brackenridge
  • Publisher: Whiting & Birch Ltd.

"This work looks to increase awareness of sexual abuse in sports. Topics covered include the experiences of elite female athletes, sexual harassment of women in athletics as compared to the world of academia, the prevalence of sexual abuse in organized competitive sports in Australia, and defining appropriateness in coachathlete sexual relationships."

Young Men Surviving Child Sexual Abuse

  • Filename: young-men-surviving-child-sexual-abuse.
  • ISBN: 0470844590
  • Release Date: 2003-06-09
  • Number of pages: 200
  • Author: Andrew Durham
  • Publisher: Wiley

Young Men Surviving Child Sexual Abuse examines a largely neglected area in child protection: the sexual abuse of boys. Andrew Durham, a consultant social work practitioner, describes his original research undertaken with young men close to or in the midst of adolescence. The book features extensive narrative, as the life story approach taken allows the young men to theorise their own experience and to understand how and why child sexual abuse has had a harmful and long lasting impact on their day-to-day lives. Alongside the research stories the author presents a theoretical framework for understanding male sexual abuse, as well as a wide range of accessible practice materials. This book will be invaluable to those working with children and young people who are recovering from child sexual abuse.


  • Filename: exploited.
  • ISBN: 9781448175628
  • Release Date: 2012-11-08
  • Number of pages: 304
  • Author: Emma Jackson
  • Publisher: Random House

'If you read the papers, you'd think that the only girls to get hooked are from dysfunctional families. But what happened to me could happen to anyone. Your child, your sister, your friend – even yourself if you are young and naive enough, like I was' Emma was just 13 when her happy childhood came crashing down. A nice girl from a good home, she had no idea the young lads she and her friends met every Saturday in the shopping mall weren’t all they seemed. The boys were part of an organised child sexual exploitation gang targeting innocent young girls, grooming them for prostitution. Captivated by the ring leader, and the alcohol and drugs he freely handed round, Emma didn't see the first brutal rape coming. From that moment, her life was never her own. Emma found herself drawn into a trap of degradation and violence, frightened for her life and not knowing where to turn. But Exploited is also the story of how she found the courage and inner strength to risk everything, and escape. Exploited is an updated edition of Emma's book The End of My World - brought bang up to date with a brand new chapter.

Child sexual abuse

  • Filename: child-sexual-abuse.
  • ISBN: 0471983349
  • Release Date: 1999-11-19
  • Number of pages: 241
  • Author: Nigel Parton
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc

This important volume explores children s needs in the context of the policy, practice, legal and organisational responses to child sexual abuse. The chapters, written by distinguished experts in the field, provide a critical appraisal of recent developments and key debates concerning how to respond to child sexual abuse. The emphasis is on keeping the child central in responding to child sexual abuse, particularly in the context of refocusing children s services . The book is organised around a series of themes identified by survivors of sexual abuse from the National Commission into the Prevention of Child Abuse. These themes include justice mediation advocacy confidentiality communication treatment healing & surviving family support community perpetrators institutional abuse. All of these areas provide major challenges to professionals and health, welfare and legal agencies. The authors provide practitioners with suggestions on how to meet children s needs whilst satisfying policy and procedures. This timely volume * provides a child-focused exploration of children s needs * tackles key sources of conflict in practice * makes recommendations to practitioners for practice and policy development The book includes discussion on how far the legislative framework meets the criteria for child victims/survivors of sexual abuse and survival and healing strategies from the survivor as expert point of view. It also addresses issues concerned with interviewing children arising from the Memorandum of Good Practice. Child Sexual Abuse: Responding to the Experiences of Children is an essential resource for social work practitioners, managers and trainers, health visitors,solicitors and lawyers involved in legal work with children, police officers, teachers and all those on related courses.

Home Truths about Child Sexual Abuse

  • Filename: home-truths-about-child-sexual-abuse.
  • ISBN: 0415152623
  • Release Date: 2000
  • Number of pages: 459
  • Author: Catherine Itzin
  • Publisher: Psychology Press

This book analyses the structural and social constructionist perspective on the origins and effects of violence, abuse and inequality to illustrate the different forms of power relations that exist and how they operate at an institutional plane.

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