MEG Primal Waters

  • Filename: meg-primal-waters.
  • ISBN: 0765347857
  • Release Date: 2005-05-01
  • Number of pages: 480
  • Author: Steve Alten
  • Publisher: Forge Books

It was the apex predator of all time, the most fearsome creature that ever lived -- a 70-foot, 70,000 pound Great White shark. Hundreds of 7-inch serrated teeth filled jaws that could swallow an elephant whole. It could sense its prey miles away, inhaling its scent as it registered the beat of its fluttering heart, and if you ever came close enough to see the was already too late. Eighteen years have passed since Jonas Taylor last crossed paths with carcharodon Megalodon. Now a middle-aged father of two, he is overwhelmed by mountains of bills and the daily strife of raising a family. But life is about to change. A Hollywood television producer wants Jonas to join his new survival series: Daredevils. For the next six weeks, two teams of crazy daredevils on a South Pacific Ocean voyage will try to outperform one another in front of the cameras. Jonas needs the money, and the job of doing the color commentary seems easy enough. But behind the scenes, someone else is pulling the strings. And before it's over, Jonas will again come face to face with the most dangerous creatures ever to stalk the Earth.


  • Filename: meg.
  • ISBN: 9781936666218
  • Release Date: 2011-08-17
  • Number of pages:
  • Author: Steve Alten
  • Publisher: Gere Donovan Press

Seven years ago, and seven miles below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, Dr. Jonas Taylor encountered something that changed the course of his life. Once a Navy deep-sea submersible pilot, now a marine paleontologist, Taylor is convinced that a remnant population of Carcharodon megalodon prehistoric sharks growing up to 70 feet long, that subsisted on whales lurks at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. When offered the opportunity to return to those crushing depths in search of the Megs, Taylor leaps at the chance... but the quest for scientific knowledge (and personal vindication) becomes a desperate fight for survival, when the most vicious predator that the earth has ever known is freed to once-again hunt the surface.

The Trench

  • Filename: the-trench.
  • ISBN: 9780786018048
  • Release Date: 2013-04-30
  • Number of pages: 487
  • Author: Steve Alten
  • Publisher: Pinnacle Books

Paleo-biologist Jonas Taylor once dared to enter the perilous Marianas Trench, where the Megalodon shark has spawned since the dawn of time, and now that the monster is terrorizing the California coast, he must return to fight his ultimate battle. By the author of Meg.

MEG Nightstalkers

  • Filename: meg-nightstalkers.
  • ISBN: 9780765387974
  • Release Date: 2016-06-14
  • Number of pages: 352
  • Author: Steve Alten
  • Publisher: Tor Books

In this fifth installment of the New York Times bestselling MEG series, Nighstalkers picks up where MEG: Hell's Aquarium left off. Bela and Lizzy, the dominant Megalodon siblings from Angel's brood, have escaped the Tanaka Institute to roam the Salish Sea in British Columbia. While Jonas Taylor and his friend Mac attempt to either recapture or kill the "sisters," Jonas's son, David, embarks on his own adventure, motivated by revenge. Having witnessed his girlfriend's gruesome death, David has joined a Dubai Prince's ocean expedition, tracking the 120-foot, hundred-ton Liopleurodon that escaped from the Panthalassa Sea. Haunted by night terrors, David repeatedly risks his life to lure the Lio and other prehistoric sea creatures into the fleet's nets, while battling his own suicidal demons. Steve Alten weaves these storylines together in a page-turning thriller that culminates in a final showdown between the most dangerous predators ever to inhabit the planet. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.


  • Filename: vostok.
  • ISBN: 1681020009
  • Release Date: 2015-02-17
  • Number of pages: 416
  • Author: Steve Alten
  • Publisher:

Marine biologist Zachary Wallace and two other scientists journey over thirteen thousand feet under the Antarctic ice in Lake Vostok to discover ancient life forms long believed extinct.


  • Filename: goliath.
  • ISBN: 9781429910224
  • Release Date: 2003-07-13
  • Number of pages: 416
  • Author: Steve Alten
  • Publisher: Forge Books

Terrorism. Acts of Oppression. The threat of nuclear war. What if one madman aboard a vessel could end these fears forever? Commander Rochelle "Rocky" Jackson is aboard the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan when the "unsinkable" naval vessel and its entire fleet are attacked from the depths and sunk. As Rocky struggles to stay alive, a monstrous mechanical steel stingray surfaces, plowing the seas it now commands. The Goliath: A nuclear submarine Rocky helped design almost a decade ago, a top secret DoD project canceled when the schematics were destroyed by her former fiancé and U.S. Army Ranger, Gunnar Wolfe. Powered by its five jet-pump propulsors and hydrodynamically shaped to be virtually undetectable under water, the sub has one more feature that separates it from all other vessels on the open seas: SORCERESS -its biochemical computer brain. Washington D.C.: Rocky learns that the Goliath's plans were not destroyed but secretly sold to the Chinese. Having constructed the $8 billion dollar warship, the Chinese become victims themselves when the sub is hijacked by the project director, Simon Bela Covah, a computer genius who once served under Rocky's command at the Navy's Undersea Warfare Center. The attack on the carrier fleet indicates that Covah is hunting down warships in an attempt to arm himself with nuclear weapons. The president appoints Rocky's father, General Michael "Bear" Jackson, to locate and destroy the Goliath. Against Rocky's wishes, Bear decides they will need Gunnar Wolfe's help. Gunnar, who has served five years in Leavenworth for espionage, is not exactly thrilled to be rejoining the people who ruined his life. Aboard the Goliath: Simon Covah and his crew share a common bond: They are all victims of violence and oppression. Covah, a Russian, witnessed his Chechan wife and daughters brutally murdered at the hands of his own people as he was tortured. Now the computer genius has one mission: to rid the world of oppressive governments while forcing humanity to disarm. To accomplish this, he plans on giving the world a real lesson in Armageddon. Armed with enough nuclear weapons to destroy North America, Covah issues his Declaration of Humanity to the world. If his demands are not met, consequences will be paid. f0 Could the threat of violence forge a lasting peace? But there is another player in this life-and-death chess match. Unbeknownst to the Goliath crew, SORCERESS has become self-aware. And the computer is developing its own agenda... At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.


  • Filename: meg.
  • ISBN: 055357910X
  • Release Date: 1998-06-01
  • Number of pages: 352
  • Author: Steve Alten
  • Publisher: Bantam Books

Jonas Taylor, a paleontologist and ex-undersea submersible pilot, becomes a reluctant participant in a deep-water mission, an expedition that brings him face to face with the Megalodon, a prehistoric, massive predator and ancestor of the great white shark

The Shell Game

  • Filename: the-shell-game.
  • ISBN: 9781599550947
  • Release Date: 2007
  • Number of pages: 487
  • Author: Steve Alten
  • Publisher: Cedar Fort

In 2012, oil expert Ace Futrell is charged by his dying wife with preventing the U.S. government's plan to blow up an American city and pin the blame on Iran, whose nuclear capabilities pose a considerable threat.

Raptor Red

  • Filename: raptor-red.
  • ISBN: 9780553575613
  • Release Date: 1996-08-01
  • Number of pages: 272
  • Author: Robert T. Bakker
  • Publisher: Bantam

A year in the life of a female dinosaur.


  • Filename: extinct.
  • ISBN: 9781466828322
  • Release Date: 1997-06-15
  • Number of pages: 320
  • Author: Charles Wilson
  • Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks

Charles Wilson has received the highest praise from authors such as John Grisham and from reviewers, including being termed "Wizard Plotter" by the Los Angeles Times. Now, he has created his most chilling story yet-- a fast-paced thriller so realistic it will take your breath away and keep you riveted to the page. From the Gulf of Mexico's warm shallow the deepest parts of the Pacific...terror comes to the surface... Six-year-old Paul Haines watches as two older boys dive into a coastal river...and don't come up. His mother, Carolyn, a charter boat captain on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, finds herself embroiled in the tragedy to an extent she could never have imagined. Carolyn joins the marine biologist Alan Freeman in the hunt for a creature that is terrorizing the waters along the Gulf Coast. But neither of them could have envisioned exactly what kind of danger they are facing. Yet one man, Admiral Vandiver, does know what this creature is, and how it has come into the shallows. And his secret obsession with it will force him, as well as Paul, Carolyn and Alan, into a race against time...and a race toward death.

The Omega Project

  • Filename: the-omega-project.
  • ISBN: 9780765336323
  • Release Date: 2013-08-06
  • Number of pages: 329
  • Author: Steve Alten
  • Publisher: Macmillan

Joining a scientific team originally scheduled to travel to one of Jupiter's moons, tech genius Robert Eisenbraun is put into hibernation against his will and awakens on a hostile Earth where he must defeat a technological adversary of his own making. By the best-selling author of the MEG series. 20,000 first printing.


  • Filename: sharkman.
  • ISBN: 9781630760205
  • Release Date: 2014-10-07
  • Number of pages: 272
  • Author: Steve Alten
  • Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

Kwan Wilson was a high school basketball star living in San Diego when a tragic accident changed his life in ways no one could predict. He only looked at his phone for a few seconds, but that was all the time it took to crash his car into a telephone pole, the impact killing his mother while severing his spinal cord and paralyzing him from the waist down. After the accident his father, Admiral Douglas Wilson, sends him away to live with his maternal grandmother in South Florida. Kwan’s new principal, anticipating his depression and isolation, tells him about an internship working at a genetics lab in Miami that’s testing shark stem cells on rats in an effort to cure cancer and repair spinal injuries. Kwan declines—until he learns the beautiful Anya Patel is an intern at the lab. The good news is that the stem cells are curing their rat subjects; the bad news is it alters their DNA so much it kills them. When a promising breakthrough is made, Kwan risks his life and injects himself with the experimental stem cells—altering his destiny and the lives of millions in the process.

Dead Bait 2

  • Filename: dead-bait-2.
  • ISBN: 0980606543
  • Release Date: 2011-03
  • Number of pages: 196
  • Author: Steve Alten
  • Publisher:

Dead Bait 2 We're gonna need a bigger boat! Following on from the abomination that was "Dead Bait" Severed Press bring you more horror tales of the deep including a haunted Ice fishing trip, viscious Mer-monkeys, sickening shark attacks, deranged walruses and many more terrors from beneath the surface. Praise for Dead Bait Amazingly and wonderfully horrific collection of short stories- Dread Central These graphic and shocking stories will definitely make you think twice about going fishing -Fangoria The most ingeniously revolting stories that I have ever read. Horrorweb

From the Deep

  • Filename: from-the-deep.
  • ISBN: 1925225348
  • Release Date: 2014-11-18
  • Number of pages: 265
  • Author: Michael Bray
  • Publisher: Severed Press

Something has awoken. Roused from its slumber following an Antarctic ice quake, an immense beast has risen from the depths. Dwarfing even the mighty blue whale, the gargantuan wonder of evolution takes charge of the oceans, setting a catastrophic chain of events in motion. Henry Rainwater is a rookie crab fisherman trying to shake the family namesake and make his own way in life. After surviving an encounter with the beast which sees his father and the rest of the crew of their family boat killed, Rainwater becomes a recluse, deathly afraid of the creature which lurks in the ocean. The only man that believes Rainwater is Andrews, an ambitious scientist charged by the government to investigate the existence of the creature. Rainwater soon finds out that Andrews has different motivations for locating the beast. Driven to find his redemption and clear his name, Henry must overcome his terror and set out to sea in order to track down and kill the creature, in the hope of finding it before Andrews and his unhinged superior, Russo can put their own plan into action, one which could have terrible repercussions for the entire human race...

Kronos Rising

  • Filename: kronos-rising.
  • ISBN: 0615964958
  • Release Date: 2014-04-02
  • Number of pages: 562
  • Author: Max Hawthorne
  • Publisher: Far from the Tree Press, LLC

Steve refused to surrender. Even though he knew the creature was right behind him, he wouldn't quit. He would make it. Just as that beacon of hope began to shine down upon him, the bright sun overhead vanished from view. Confused, he gazed wide-eyed as the daylight grew dim. Then he realized the ultimate horror: the creature had overtaken him, its jaws opened wide. He was in its mouth. A coastal community faces the wrath of a mysterious sea creature in Max Hawthorne's heart pounding new novel, Kronos Rising. Book Video Trailer: Devastated by his wife's tragic drowning, Olympic hopeful Jake Braddock turns his back on fame and fortune and retreats to his childhood home of Paradise Cove, Florida. He accepts the job of town sheriff, hoping to find the solace he so desperately craves. He finds anything but. A series of horrifying deaths and disappearances send a flood of panic through the idyllic town. It is only after the ravaged carcass of a full-grown whale surfaces, however, that the real terror begins. Soon Jake finds himself drawn into an ancient mystery - a mystery that ends with him adrift at sea, battling for survival against the deadliest predator the world has ever seen. It is a creature whose ancestors ruled the prehistoric seas. Now freed after eons of imprisonment, it has risen to reclaim the oceans of the world as its own. And it's hungry.

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