Management Consultancy

  • Filename: management-consultancy.
  • ISBN: 1138798843
  • Release Date: 2015-11-09
  • Number of pages: 184
  • Author: Morgen Witzel
  • Publisher:

What is management consultancy? How has it developed? How does it affect businesses? This book answers these questions and introduces the field for those looking to develop a career as a management consultant. Providing a thorough introduction to management consultancy, Morgen Witzel covers the topic from a range of perspectives including the field's historical development, the client's perspective, business analysis, return on investment, consulting failures, ethics and accountability and the growing importance of sustainability. With exercises and case studies throughout, this practical textbook provides students with a rounded and critical understanding of what it means to be a management consultant and in so doing, will help readers emerge as employable management consultants of the future.

500 Tips for Developing a Learning Organization

  • Filename: 500-tips-for-developing-a-learning-organization.
  • ISBN: 0749429127
  • Release Date: 1999
  • Number of pages: 125
  • Author: Abby Day
  • Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers

'Learning Organization' has been one of the buzz phrases of recent years, yet what exactly does it mean? How can you strive to become a learning organization? Is they theory really applicable? The answer is in your hands! As the authors say in the introduction to their book: 'We wrestled with some of the bigger, broader, hazier concepts and checked out what is really happening. We looked back through learning theory and compared it to practice, then whittled it down to practical tips. We applied what we know about the dynamics of systems and found workable advice'. In short, this book takes a nebulous concept and transforms it into practical advice. With expert tips for all types of organizations, this inspirational guide provides a no-nonsense summary of how to create a learning organization by focusing on a number of key areas that will help you whether you are: deciding your vision for learning; benefiting from flexible learning; developing your own learning; improving collaborative learning; developing systems for learning; building a centre of learning in your organization. At last - practical advice on a topic clouded by theory!

Plunkett s Consulting Industry Almanac 2007 Consulting Industry Market Research Statistics Trends Leading Companies

  • Filename: plunkett-s-consulting-industry-almanac-2007-consulting-industry-market-research-statistics-trends-leading-companies.
  • ISBN: 9781593920708
  • Release Date: 2007-06
  • Number of pages: 408
  • Author: Jack W. Plunkett
  • Publisher: Plunkett Research, Ltd.

Covers trends in consulting in such fields as marketing, information technology, management, logistics, supply chain, manufacturing and health care. This guide contains contacts for business and industry leaders, industry associations, Internet sites and other resources. It also includes statistical tables, an industry glossary and indexes.

The Executive s Guide to Information Technology

  • Filename: the-executive-s-guide-to-information-technology.
  • ISBN: 9780471432876
  • Release Date: 2003-04-21
  • Number of pages: 512
  • Author: John Baschab
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

The Executive's Guide to Information Technology is a sophisticated and comprehensive guide to running a cost-effective, efficient, and business delivery-focused corporate Information Technology (IT) unit. Eschewing the theoretical for the practical, the book gives managers the guidance they need to handle any problem effectively. It provides specific policies, approaches, and tools for each critical IT management functionó from application management to vendor management. IT management experts John Baschab and Jon Piot provide the techniques IT managers and executives need to accurately assess their current operations. Further, they offer a step-by-step improvement plan designed to raise productivity and service levels while reducing costs significantly. The authors begin by examining the symptoms and causes of waste, inefficiency and underperformance in typical IT departments before offering in-depth analysis of each operational area of IT management. They present current and emergent best practices for transforming the department into a world-class service organization. Packed with prescriptive advice and hard-earned insight, this comprehensive resource is organized into stand-alone chapters that provide quick access to important information when managers need it. In addition, spreadsheets, documents, and checklists are designed to aid in planning and decision-making and can be easily accessed on the included CD-ROM. Designed to help IT managers and top executives get the most out of their departments, their budget and themselves, the book covers such topics as: managing the department, establishing leadership roles, assessing the organization, cost management, project demand management, operations management, infrastructure planning, vendor selection and management, technical standards setting, investment evaluation, and productivity and quality measurement programs. With The Executive's Guide to Information Technology, IT managers will understand the main sources of waste in their departments, identify major management issues, learn and implement critical steps toward improvement, and manage more effectively. The book will help managers improve their performance and stature within their organizations by providing the tips and tools to overcome typical areas of friction and miscommunication between IT departments and other business functions. Executives will understand how to work effectively with the CIO or IT director, as well as provide constructive management input to the IT function, achieving the best return on their IT assets.

Consulting Start Up and Management

  • Filename: consulting-start-up-and-management.
  • ISBN: 9781412987097
  • Release Date: 2011-10-31
  • Number of pages: 296
  • Author: Gail V. Barrington
  • Publisher: SAGE

Consulting Start-up and Management: A Guide for Evaluators and Applied Researchers addresses the unique issues faced by evaluators and applied researchers who are interested in becoming independent consultants, as well as by those who need to re-tool their professional practice. This text will be used as a supplementary text in courses in evaluation and applied research in which consulting work is addressed, in addition to its use as a professional text by current and would be practitioners.

How to Publish in Biomedicine

  • Filename: how-to-publish-in-biomedicine.
  • ISBN: 9781846192630
  • Release Date: 2008
  • Number of pages: 191
  • Author: Jane Fraser
  • Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing

Getting published is crucial for success in biomedicine. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced writer, you will find this book has fresh, practical tips on everyday issues. Based on the author's renowned courses at the University of Oxford, this book answers the questions writers actually ask, in a clear, concise and easy-to-read style. It comprehensively covers: what to write; how biomedical publishing works; how to write scientific papers, abstracts, review articles and book chapters; how to write clearly, concisely and correctly; how to write efficiently and more effectively; and Internet resources.This bestselling guide is highly recommended for all professionals and students in biomedical disciplines, including doctors, PhD and post-doctorate students, lecturers and researchers in medicine, physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology and pharmacology. It is also offers vital guidance for researchers in pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies, including veterinary, agricultural and medical sectors. Professional writers and editors will also find it enlightening.

The Consulting Bible

  • Filename: the-consulting-bible.
  • ISBN: 1118023617
  • Release Date: 2011-02-23
  • Number of pages: 288
  • Author: Alan Weiss
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Everything you need to know about building a successful, world-class consulting practice Whether you are a veteran consultant or new to the industry, an entrepreneur or the principal of a small firm, The Consulting Bible tells you absolutely everything you need to know to create and expand a seven-figure independent or boutique consulting practice. Expert author Alan Weiss, who coaches consultants globally and has written more books on solo consulting than anyone in history, shares his expertise comprehensively. Learn and appreciate the origins and evolution of the consulting profession Launch your practice or firm and propel it to top performance Implement your consulting strategies in public and private organizations, large or small, global or domestic Select from the widest variety of consulting methodologies Achieve lasting success in your professional career and personal goals The author is recognized as "one of the most highly regarded independent consultants in America" by the New York Post and "a worldwide expert in executive education" by Success Magazine Whether you're just starting out or looking for the latest trends in modern practice, The Consulting Bible gives you an unparalleled toolset to build a thriving consultancy.


  • Filename: computerworld.
  • ISBN:
  • Release Date: 2002-10-07
  • Number of pages: 62
  • Author:
  • Publisher:

For more than 40 years, Computerworld has been the leading source of technology news and information for IT influencers worldwide. Computerworld's award-winning Web site (, twice-monthly publication, focused conference series and custom research form the hub of the world's largest global IT media network.

Case Interview Secrets

  • Filename: case-interview-secrets.
  • ISBN: 0984183523
  • Release Date: 2012
  • Number of pages: 271
  • Author: Victor Cheng
  • Publisher:

Cheng, a former McKinsey management consultant, reveals his proven, insider'smethod for acing the case interview.


  • Filename: computerworld.
  • ISBN:
  • Release Date: 1999-09-20
  • Number of pages: 104
  • Author:
  • Publisher:

For more than 40 years, Computerworld has been the leading source of technology news and information for IT influencers worldwide. Computerworld's award-winning Web site (, twice-monthly publication, focused conference series and custom research form the hub of the world's largest global IT media network.


  • Filename: computerworld.
  • ISBN:
  • Release Date: 1995-02-20
  • Number of pages: 120
  • Author:
  • Publisher:

For more than 40 years, Computerworld has been the leading source of technology news and information for IT influencers worldwide. Computerworld's award-winning Web site (, twice-monthly publication, focused conference series and custom research form the hub of the world's largest global IT media network.

Handbook of Research on Human Performance and Instructional Technology

  • Filename: handbook-of-research-on-human-performance-and-instructional-technology.
  • ISBN: 9781605667836
  • Release Date: 2009-10-31
  • Number of pages: 658
  • Author: Song, Holim
  • Publisher: IGI Global

"This book addresses the connection between human performance and instructional technology with teaching and learning, offering innovative ideas for instructional technology applications and elearning"--Provided by publisher.

Work for Money Design for Love

  • Filename: work-for-money-design-for-love.
  • ISBN: 9780133052756
  • Release Date: 2012-10-26
  • Number of pages: 288
  • Author: David Airey
  • Publisher: New Riders

Unlike other dry business books, this refreshing, straightforward guide from Logo Design Love author and international designer David Airey answers the questions all designers have when first starting out on their own. In fact, the book was inspired by the many questions David receives every day from the more than 600,000 designers who visit his three blogs (Logo Design Love, Identity Designed, and each month. How do I find new clients? How much should I charge for my design work? When should I say no to a client? How do I handle difficult clients? What should I be sure to include in my contracts? David’s readers–a passionate and vocal group–regularly ask him these questions and many more on how to launch and run their own design careers. With this book, David finally answers their pressing questions with anecdotes, case studies, and sound advice garnered from his own experience as well as those of such well-known designers as Ivan Chermayeff, Jerry Kuyper, Maggie Macnab, Eric Karjaluoto, and Von Glitschka. Designers just starting out on their own will find this book invaluable in succeeding in today’s hyper-networked, global economy.


  • Filename: computerworld.
  • ISBN:
  • Release Date: 2002-03-04
  • Number of pages: 60
  • Author:
  • Publisher:

For more than 40 years, Computerworld has been the leading source of technology news and information for IT influencers worldwide. Computerworld's award-winning Web site (, twice-monthly publication, focused conference series and custom research form the hub of the world's largest global IT media network.

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