Gone with the Wind

  • Filename: gone-with-the-wind.
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  • Release Date: 2016-05-30
  • Number of pages: 1035
  • Author: Margaret Mitchell
  • Publisher: Hamilton Books

Margaret Mitchell's epic novel of love and war won the Pulitzer Prize and one of the most popular and celebrated movies of all time. Many novels have been written about the Civil War and its aftermath. None take us into the burning fields and cities of the American South as Gone With the Wind does, creating haunting scenes and thrilling portraits of characters so vivid that we remember their words and feel their fear and hunger for the rest of our lives. In the two main characters, the white-shouldered, irresistible Scarlett and the flashy, contemptuous Rhett, Margaret Mitchell not only conveyed a timeless story of survival under the harshest of circumstances, she also created two of the most famous lovers in the English-speaking world since Romeo and Juliet.


  • Filename: scarlett.
  • ISBN: 9780446502979
  • Release Date: 2011-11-24
  • Number of pages: 823
  • Author: Alexandra Ripley
  • Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

The timeless tale continues... The most popular and beloved American historical novel ever written, Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind is unparalleled in its portrayal of men and women at once larger than life but as real as ourselves. Now bestselling writer Alexandra Ripley brings us back to Tara and reintroduces us to the characters we remember so well: Rhett, Ashley, Mammy, Suellen, Aunt Pittypat, and, of course, Scarlett. As the classic story, first told over half a century ago, moves forward, the greatest love affair in all fiction is reignited; amidst heartbreak and joy, the endless, consuming passion between Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler reaches its startling culmination. Rich with surprises at every turn and new emotional, breathtaking adventures, Scarlett satisfies our longing to reenter the world of Gone With the Wind, and like its predecessor, Scarlett will find an eternal place in our hearts.

Margaret Mitchell s Gone With the Wind

  • Filename: margaret-mitchell-s-gone-with-the-wind.
  • ISBN: 158979527X
  • Release Date: 2011-02-16
  • Number of pages: 432
  • Author: Ellen F. Brown
  • Publisher: Taylor Trade Publications

Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind: A Bestseller's Odyssey from Atlanta to Hollywood presents the first comprehensive overview of how this iconic novel became an international phenomenon that has managed to sustain the public's interest for seventy-five years. Various Mitchell biographies and several compilations of her letters tell part of the story, but, until now, no single source has revealed the full saga. This entertaining account of a literary and pop culture phenomenon tells how Mitchell's book was developed, marketed, distributed, and otherwise groomed for success in the 1930s—and the savvy measures taken since then by the author, her publisher, and her estate to ensure its longevity.

Gone with the Wind MAXNotes Literature Guides

  • Filename: gone-with-the-wind-maxnotes-literature-guides.
  • ISBN: 9780738673349
  • Release Date: 2012-09-19
  • Number of pages: 144
  • Author: Gail Rae
  • Publisher: Research & Education Assoc.

REA's MAXnotes for Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind MAXnotes offer a fresh look at masterpieces of literature, presented in a lively and interesting fashion. Written by literary experts who currently teach the subject, MAXnotes will enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the work. MAXnotes are designed to stimulate independent thought about the literary work by raising various issues and thought-provoking ideas and questions. MAXnotes cover the essentials of what one should know about each work, including an overall summary, character lists, an explanation and discussion of the plot, the work's historical context, illustrations to convey the mood of the work, and a biography of the author. Each chapter is individually summarized and analyzed, and has study questions and answers.

The Complete Gone with the Wind Trivia Book

  • Filename: the-complete-gone-with-the-wind-trivia-book.
  • ISBN: 9781461604228
  • Release Date: 1989-10-01
  • Number of pages: 126
  • Author: Pauline Bartel
  • Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing

A collection of everything trivia fans might want to know about a true : movie classic. Readers will learn what brand of typewriter Margaret Mitchell used to type the original book, the parallels between Scarlett's life and the author's, and the ins and outs of casting. Trivia quizzes and a bibliography are included.

The Making of Gone With The Wind

  • Filename: the-making-of-gone-with-the-wind.
  • ISBN: 9780292761261
  • Release Date: 2014-09-01
  • Number of pages: 352
  • Author: Steve Wilson
  • Publisher: University of Texas Press

Companion publication to the Harry Ransom Center's exhibition, September 9, 2014-January 4, 2015, marking the seventy-fifth anniversary of the film's release.

The Complete Gone With the Wind Trivia Book

  • Filename: the-complete-gone-with-the-wind-trivia-book.
  • ISBN: 9781589798212
  • Release Date: 2014-06-09
  • Number of pages: 328
  • Author: Pauline Bartel
  • Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing

A Must-Have for Gone With the Wind Fans! From Margaret Mitchell’s tattered manuscript to the film’s seventy-fifth anniversary, this book is a behind-the-scenes chronicle of Gone With the Wind—the book, the movie, and the phenomenon that continues today. Related in loving detail are inside stories of the writing and publishing of the novel; the Hollywood frenzy of transforming the book into film, including casting headaches, on-set tensions, and jinxed scenes; the premiere; and the Academy Awards. This updated edition also contains the scoop on the publication of two GWTW sequels; the disastrous debut of the Scarlett television miniseries; the post–GWTW lives of cast members, such as the news of Gable’s secret lovechild; the restoration of three original costumes in time for GWTW’s seventy-fifth anniversary; and much, much more. The reader-friendly format—fact-packed features, profiles, quizzes, and photographs—will delight any GWTW fan and make this the one book that no “Windie” can do without.

David O Selznick s Gone with the wind

  • Filename: david-o-selznick-s-gone-with-the-wind.
  • ISBN: 0517606771
  • Release Date: 1986
  • Number of pages: 91
  • Author: Ronald Haver
  • Publisher: Outlet

Discusses how David O. Selznick turned a bestselling book into a Hollywood legend, and reveals all aspects of the film from those who were given screen tests to what kind of color process was used

The Filming of Gone with the Wind

  • Filename: the-filming-of-gone-with-the-wind.
  • ISBN: 0865546215
  • Release Date: 1998
  • Number of pages: 283
  • Author: Herb Bridges
  • Publisher: Mercer University Press

This is George P. Oslin's life work. Among hundreds who told him their experiences were Thomas A. Edison, William Henry Jackson (Civil War soldier, pioneer photographer, and covered wagon bullwhacker), and William Campbell (last surviving Pony Express rider). Facts from company documents, thousands of newspapers, magazines, and books, and more than 100,000 letters and diaries of the pioneers were pieced together and condensed into the real story of their struggles, strategy, and success.

Gone with the Wind

  • Filename: gone-with-the-wind.
  • ISBN: 086554672X
  • Release Date: 1999
  • Number of pages: 219
  • Author: Herb Bridges
  • Publisher: Mercer University Press

This photographic essay highlights the premier of "Gone With the Wind, " taking readers back to the star-studded social and historical event of the century, held December 13-15, 1939.

On the road to Tara

  • Filename: on-the-road-to-tara.
  • ISBN: 0810936844
  • Release Date: 1996
  • Number of pages: 224
  • Author: Aljean Harmetz
  • Publisher: Harry N. Abrams

Examines the personal archives of the classic movie's producer, David O. Selznick, and reveals prospective casting lists, pages from original scripts, costume sketches, and many more insights into the making of the movie

Margaret Mitchell John Marsh

  • Filename: margaret-mitchell-john-marsh.
  • ISBN: 9781561456505
  • Release Date: 1993-10-01
  • Number of pages: 608
  • Author: Marianne Walker
  • Publisher: Peachtree Publishers

In lively extracts from their letters to family and friends, John and Margaret, who also went by Peggy, describe the stormy years of their courtship, their bohemian lifestyle as a young married couple, the arduous but fulfilling years when Peggy was writing her famous novel, the thrill of its acceptance for publication and its literary success, and the excitement of the making of the movie. In telling the private side of this twenty-four-year marriage, author Marianne Walker reveals a long-suspected truth: Gone With the Wind might have never been written were it not for John Marsh. He was Peggy's best friend and constant champion, and he became her editor, proofreader, researcher, business manager, and the inspiration and motivation behind her writing. At every point, including the turbulent years of Mitchell's first marriage to Red Upshaw, it was John who provided the intellectual stimulation, emotional support, and editorial insights that allowed Peggy to channel her talents into the creation of her astounding Civil War epic. From years of meticulous research, Marianne Walker details the intimate and moving love story between a husband and wife, and between a writer and her editor.

The Wind Is Never Gone

  • Filename: the-wind-is-never-gone.
  • ISBN: 9780786486366
  • Release Date: 2011-07-01
  • Number of pages: 216
  • Author: M. Carmen Gómez-Galisteo
  • Publisher: McFarland

"The book explores Gone With the Wind's ambiguous ending, the perceived need to publish an authorized sequel, a parody by an African-American author written from the perspective of the slaves, the legal battle to determine who and under which circumstances may re-write Gone With the Wind, and the online posting of fan fiction stories"--Provided by publisher.

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