Blowout and Well Control Handbook

  • Filename: blowout-and-well-control-handbook.
  • ISBN: 0080476163
  • Release Date: 2003-10-03
  • Number of pages: 469
  • Author: Robert D. Grace
  • Publisher: Elsevier

As with his 1994 book, Advanced Blowout and Well Control, Grace offers a book that presents tested practices and procedures for well control, all based on solid engineering principles and his own more than 25 years of hands-on field experience. Specific situations are reviewed along with detailed procedures to analyze alternatives and tackle problems. The use of fluid dynamics in well control, which the author pioneered, is given careful treatment, along with many other topics such as relief well operations, underground blowouts, slim hole drilling problems, and special services such as fire fighting, capping, and snubbing. In addition, case histories are presented, analyzed, and discussed. Provides new techniques for blowout containment, never before published, first used in the Gulf War. Provides the most up-to-date techniques and tools for blowout and well control. New case histories include the Kuwait fires that were set by Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War.

Advanced Blowout Well Control

  • Filename: advanced-blowout-well-control.
  • ISBN: 088415260X
  • Release Date: 1994
  • Number of pages: 396
  • Author: Robert D. Grace
  • Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing

The book reviews classical pressure control procedures. In addition, specific situations are presented along with detailed procedures to analyze alternatives and tackle problems. The use of fluid dynamics in well control, which the author pioneered, is given careful treatment, along with many other topics such as relief well operations, underground blowouts, slim hole drilling problems, and special services such as fire fighting, capping, and snubbing. Case histories are presented, analyzed, and discussed. In petroleum industry drilling operations even the most simple blowout can kill people and cost millions of dollars in equipment losses - and millions more in environmental damage and ensuing litigation. Government environmental and safety requirements demand that operating companies and drilling contractor personnel be rigorously trained in well control procedures and in responding to blowouts when they occur. Advanced Blowout and Well Control provides valuable information to help prevent blowouts and minimize their effects.

Practical Well Control

  • Filename: practical-well-control.
  • ISBN: 0886981832
  • Release Date: 1998
  • Number of pages: 354
  • Author: Ron Baker
  • Publisher: University of Texas at Austin Petroleum

This completely revised and updated fourth edition is a must for drillers, toolpushers, company representatives, or anyone who requires intermediate and advanced knowledge of well-control techniques and equipment. Designed to be a definitive reference for well-control procedures, it is often used as a text for those attending well-control certification classes. It is now updated to support the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) WellCAP accredited training programs. Also contains appendixes that include H2S procedures, capacity tables, formulas used in well-control calculations, and cross references to MMS regulations and the WellCAP curriculum.

Formulas and Calculations for Drilling Production and Workover

  • Filename: formulas-and-calculations-for-drilling-production-and-workover.
  • ISBN: 9781856179294
  • Release Date: 2011
  • Number of pages: 293
  • Author: William Lyons
  • Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing

A quick reference for day-to-day work out on the rig or a handy study guide for drilling and well control certification courses, Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production and Workover has served a generation of oilfield professionals throughout their careers. Compact and readable, Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production and Workover, 3rd Edition is a problem solving time saving tool for the most basic or complex predicaments encountered in the field. All formulas and calculations are presented in easy-to-use, step-by-step order, virtually all the mathematics required out on the drilling rig is here in one convenient source, including formulas for pressure gradient, specific gravity, pump output, annular velocity, buoyancy factor, volume and stroke, slug weight, drill string design, cementing, depth of washout, bulk density of cuttings, and stuck pipe. The most complete manual of its kind, Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production and Workover, 3rd Edition features 30% new information, including case studies and basis simulations equations. The third edition of this best selling book also includes computational tools and techniques for: unbalanced drilling, horizontal directional and air and gas drilling operations, evaluate ESP performance of wells, design / redesign ESP and recommend changes to improve well's operation, handle special production projects including production string designs for new wells, evaluation of new production methods, scaling in well bores and any other project affecting the operation of Amal area wells. Back-of-the envelope calculations that save time and money Easily evaluate the performance of your well Confidently design or redesign operations that will improve production Handle special production projects with ease

Well Completion and Servicing

  • Filename: well-completion-and-servicing.
  • ISBN: 2710807653
  • Release Date: 1999-01-01
  • Number of pages: 325
  • Author: Denis Perrin
  • Publisher: Technip Editions

This book provides technical information on well completion, from drilling in the pay zone to production start-up. It also covers the main methods for artificial lift, and well servicing. The reader will find a discussion of the concepts and equipment that are indispensable for scheduling and designing completion and servicing operations. The book's chief objective is to provide comprehensive information to those who require a thorough understanding of the completion engineer's aims and the resources he needs for oil field development and production. It is particularly well-suited to the needs of the specialist whose field of activity is located upstream from oil and gas production, e.g., geologists, geophysicists, and reservoir, drilling or production facility engineers. It should also be of use to oil company administrative personnel, including those in management, and those in the insurance and legal departments. The text is fully illustrated, thus helping the reader grasp the basics of this highly technical field.Contents: 1. Introduction to completion. 1.1. Main factors influencing completion design. 1.2. Overall approach to a well's flow capacity. 1.3. Major types of completion configurations. 1.4. Main phases in completion. 2. Connecting the pay zone and the borehole. 2.1. Drilling and casing the pay zone. 2.2. Evaluating and restoring the cement job. 2.3. Perforating. 2.4. Treating the pay zone. 2.5. The special case of horizontal wells. 3. The equipment of naturally flowing wells. 3.1. General configuration of flowing well equipment. 3.2. The production wellhead. 3.3. The production string or tubing. 3.4. Packers. 3.5. Downhole equipment. 3.6. Subsurface safety valves. 3.7. Running procedure. 4. Artificial lift. 4.1. Pumping. 4.2. Gas lift. 4.3. Choosing an artificial lift process. 5. Well servicing and workover. 5.1. Main types of operations. 5.2. Light operations on live wells. 5.3. Heavy operations on live wells. 5.4. Operations on killed wells. 5.5. Special cases. Bibliography. Index.

Well Production Practical Handbook

  • Filename: well-production-practical-handbook.
  • ISBN: 2710807726
  • Release Date: 2000-01-01
  • Number of pages: 540
  • Author: Henri Cholet
  • Publisher: Editions TECHNIP

Gives an overview of field development and well production and offers solutions to practical problems. Topics discussed include well technology, well productivity evaluation and control, stimulation, horizontal and multilateral wells, and production improvement. For each topic, information is provided on basic parameters and physical laws used in well design and productivity control, current equipment and industrial practices, new technologies, and formulae used in well design and completion. Useful for petroleum engineers and oil field operators. Distributed by Enfield. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

The Social Roots of Risk

  • Filename: the-social-roots-of-risk.
  • ISBN: 9780804791403
  • Release Date: 2014-07-23
  • Number of pages: 288
  • Author: Kathleen Tierney
  • Publisher: Stanford University Press

The first decade of the 21st century saw a remarkable number of large-scale disasters. Earthquakes in Haiti and Sumatra underscored the serious economic consequences that catastrophic events can have on developing countries, while 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina showed that first world nations remain vulnerable. The Social Roots of Risk argues against the widespread notion that cataclysmic occurrences are singular events, driven by forces beyond our control. Instead, Kathleen Tierney contends that disasters of all types—be they natural, technological, or economic—are rooted in common social and institutional sources. Put another way, risks and disasters are produced by the social order itself—by governing bodies, organizations, and groups that push for economic growth, oppose risk-reducing regulation, and escape responsibility for tremendous losses when they occur. Considering a wide range of historical and looming events—from a potential mega-earthquake in Tokyo that would cause devastation far greater than what we saw in 2011, to BP's accident history prior to the 2010 blowout—Tierney illustrates trends in our behavior, connecting what seem like one-off events to illuminate historical patterns. Like risk, human resilience also emerges from the social order, and this book makes a powerful case that we already have a significant capacity to reduce the losses that disasters produce. A provocative rethinking of the way that we approach and remedy disasters, The Social Roots of Risk leaves readers with a better understanding of how our own actions make us vulnerable to the next big crisis—and what we can do to prevent it.

Air and Gas Drilling Manual

  • Filename: air-and-gas-drilling-manual.
  • ISBN: 0070393125
  • Release Date: 2000-12-07
  • Number of pages: 656
  • Author: William C. Lyons
  • Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

Be prepared for drilling's hottest trend According to the U.S. Department of Energy, by 2005, 30% of all wells will be drilled using gas and air. The Air and Gas Drilling Manual, by William Lyons -- an internationally known expert and holder of nine drilling patents -- lays out everything you need to apply air and gas drilling to all kinds of operations, from the most basic to the most complex, and for the shallowest to the deepest. You’re shown how to: Master the air and gas drilling techniques in vital industries: construction and development of water wells, monitoring wells, geotechnical boreholes, mining operations boreholes, and more Calculate volumetric flow and compressor requirements. Drill with stable foam, unstable foam, and aerated liquids (as well as gas and air) Handle the special considerations of deep hole drilling Perform direct and reverse-flow circulation calculations Specify drills, collars, and casings Engineer and operate specialized downhole projects Plan operations and choose air package contractors

Oil and Gas Production Handbook

  • Filename: oil-and-gas-production-handbook.
  • ISBN: 1329605241
  • Release Date: 2015-10-12
  • Number of pages: 164
  • Author: Havard Devold
  • Publisher:

This handbook has been compiled for readers with an interest in the oil and gas industry. It is an overview of the main processes and equipment. When we searched for a suitable introduction to be used for new engineers, I discovered that much of the equipment is described in standards, equipment manuals and project documentation. Little material was found to quickly give the reader an overview of the entire oil and gas industry, while still preserving enough detail to let the engineer have an appreciation of the main characteristics and design issues. I have had many requests that downstream processes be included, and have restructured the book into Upstream, Midstream, Refining and Petrochemical, adding basic information on these facilities. The main focus of the book is still the upstream production process.

A Field Guide to the Southeast Coast Gulf of Mexico

  • Filename: a-field-guide-to-the-southeast-coast-gulf-of-mexico.
  • ISBN: 9780300113280
  • Release Date: 2012-01-24
  • Number of pages: 386
  • Author: Noble S. Proctor
  • Publisher: Yale University Press

DIVA uniquely comprehensive and beautiful guide to more than 600 species of fauna and flora along the coasts of the southeastern United States and the Gulf of Mexico/div

101 Nights of Great Sex

  • Filename: 101-nights-of-great-sex.
  • ISBN: 0962962872
  • Release Date: 2013-01-13
  • Number of pages: 426
  • Author: Laura Corn
  • Publisher: Park Avenue Pub Incorporated

101 Nights of Great Sex is the permission slip you’ve needed to strip off all your inhibitions and break your predictable bedroom routines; to finally claim the sex life that you really, really want. Millions of readers can attest to the success of the original printed version of this book for revitalizing their love lives. But now Laura Corn has totally upped her game and pulled out all the stops in the New 2013 edition. Here’s what’s INSIDE: - New, exciting, modern design. - Totally revised and updated - More compact and easier to hide (but it will fit perfectly on your nightstand - Over 50 BRAND NEW seductions - variety is the spice of life - All new eTeases - those crafty little electronic invitations which set the scene and fire up your partner’s imagination. Which together add up to - Crazier foreplay - Sexier surprises - Wilder scenarios - Naughtier adventures - Hotter Sex - More fun and excitement than ever before But what really makes this book unique is that it's not a book you read, it's a book you "do" and that's precisely why it's so exciting, and effective. In the book you'll find: - 101 seductively suggestive titles presented in SECERT SEALED ENVELOPES: *50 for her eyes only; *50 for his eyes only; *and one very special seduction to be shared by both of you - Step-by-step detailed instructions for each title - Everything you need to pull off a thrilling, sexual seduction. Once a week, you and your partner each pick a sealed page and tear it from the book. There’s no turning back now —and no peeking at each other’s page! Just follow your secret instructions, and sometime during the week you’ll each be getting an erotic surprise. Talk about anticipation! Because once you’ve picked a seduction, and piqued your lover’s curiosity, their sense of anticipation will build, and build. You will both be fantasizing all week about what’s going to happen next. To help heighten your partner's sense of anticipation the new edition of 101 Nights of Great Sex also contains links to extremely sexy eTeases. These eTeases are clever and tempting electronic invitations that you email to your partner to set up a night of great sex. Think of them like a movie trailer. They give clues to the seduction that you're planning. They're a hint, a visually compelling and cleverly written message guaranteed to get your lover's pulse racing. Millions of readers can attest to the success of this book, but don't just take their word for it - try it for yourself – you're guaranteed an experience no other sex book can deliver.

Dave Barry s Complete Guide to Guys

  • Filename: dave-barry-s-complete-guide-to-guys.
  • ISBN: 9780307758743
  • Release Date: 2010-07-28
  • Number of pages: 272
  • Author: Dave Barry
  • Publisher: Ballantine Books

"Dave Barry is one funny human." --San Francisco Examiner For thousands of years, women have asked themselves: What is the deal with guys, anyway? What are they thinking? The answer, of course, is: virtually nothing. Deep down inside, guys are extremely shallow. But that has not stopped Dave Barry from writing an entire book about them. If you're a guy--or if you're attempting to share a remote control with one--you need this book, because it deals frankly and semi-thoroughly with such important guy issues as: Scratching The role of guys in world history, including the heretofore-unknown relationship between the discovery of North America and golf Why the average guy can remember who won the 1960 World Series, but not necessarily the names of all his children The Noogie Gene Why guys cannot simultaneously think and look at breasts Secret guy orgasm-delaying techniques, including the Margaret Thatcher Method Why guys prefer to believe that there is no such thing as a prostate And much, much more "Whether you're a guy--or attempting to share a bathroom with one--Barry has some wacky words of wisdom for you." --USA Today From the Trade Paperback edition.

I Quit Sugar

  • Filename: i-quit-sugar.
  • ISBN: 9781447272786
  • Release Date: 2014-01-30
  • Number of pages: 224
  • Author: Sarah Wilson
  • Publisher: Pan Macmillan

'I lost weight and my skin changed, it cleared. But when I quit the white stuff, I also started to heal. I found wellness and the kind of energy and sparkle I had as a kid. I don't believe in diets or in making eating miserable. This plan and the recipes are designed for lasting wellness.' Sarah Wilson was a self-confessed sugar addict, eating the equivalent of twenty-five teaspoons of sugar every day, before making the link between her sugar consumption and a lifetime of mood disorders, fluctuating weight issues, sleep problems and thyroid disease. She knew she had to make a change. What started as an experiment soon became a way of life, then a campaign to alert others to the health dangers of sugar. I Quit Sugar uses Sarah's personal experience to help you: * beat the sugar habit with a tested eight week plan * overcome cravings via proven and easy tricks * find healthy sugar substitutes * cook sugar-free: over a hundred desserts, cakes, chocolate, kids' treats, snacks and easy detox meals 'Sarah's down-to-earth, practical approach makes the sugar-quitting process doable, while her recipes make it fun' David Gillespie, author of Sweet Poison

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