Biological Psychology

  • Filename: biological-psychology.
  • ISBN: 9780495090793
  • Release Date: 2007
  • Number of pages: 640
  • Author: James W. Kalat
  • Publisher: Cengage Learning

Dr. James W. Kalat's BIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY is the best selling text in the market because of its extremely high level of scholarship, clear and occasionally humorous writing style, and precise examples integrated throughout the text. Throughout all nine e

Biological Psychology

  • Filename: biological-psychology.
  • ISBN: 087893927X
  • Release Date: 2013
  • Number of pages: 633
  • Author: S. Marc Breedlove
  • Publisher: Sinauer Associates Incorporated

Published in March 2013, Biological Psychology, Seventh Edition is a comprehensive survey of the biological bases of behavior designed for undergraduates enrolled in biological psychology, physiological psychology, or behavioral neuroscience courses. It offers a broad perspective, encompassing lucid descriptions of behavior, evolutionary history, development, proximate mechanisms, and applications.

Biological Psychology

  • Filename: biological-psychology.
  • ISBN: 9780495603009
  • Release Date: 2009-01-01
  • Number of pages: 576
  • Author: James W. Kalat
  • Publisher: Cengage Learning

Dr. James W. Kalat's BIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY is the best selling text in the market for good reasons an extremely high level of scholarship, clear and occasionally humorous writing style, and precise examples. An extremely skilled teacher, Dr. Kalat ha

Discovering Biological Psychology

  • Filename: discovering-biological-psychology.
  • ISBN: 9780547177793
  • Release Date: 2009-02-09
  • Number of pages: 608
  • Author: Laura Freberg
  • Publisher: Cengage Learning

With its comprehensive, authoritative coverage and student-centered pedagogy, DISCOVERING BIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY, 2nd Edition is ideal for a broad range of students taking a beginning undergraduate course in biological or physiological psychology. The book provides a foundational understanding of the structure and function of the nervous system and its relationship to both typical and disordered human behavior. Written by an author with nearly 30 years of teaching experience at schools ranging from community colleges to the Ivy League, this text presents classic concepts, current topics, and cutting-edge research in a style that is both accessible to beginning and less-prepared students and appealing to students with stronger backgrounds. As a result, the book allows instructors to teach a rigorous course that does not oversimplify the material, while keeping students excited and engaged. Reviewers have praised the text’s clear narrative, high-interest examples, pedagogy, and purposeful art program. The Second Edition is supported by a comprehensive and contemporary media package that includes animations, videos, lectures and an image gallery on Microsoft PowerPoint slides, student response system content, and a time-saving online homework and course management system. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Brain Behavior

  • Filename: brain-behavior.
  • ISBN: 9781483323602
  • Release Date: 2014-06-30
  • Number of pages: 656
  • Author: Bob Garrett
  • Publisher: SAGE Publications

The Fourth Edition of Brain & Behavior: An Introduction to Biological Psychology by Bob Garrett showcases our rapidly increasing understanding of the biological foundations of behavior, engaging students immediately with easily accessible content. Bob Garrett uses colorful illustrations and thought-provoking facts while maintaining a “big-picture” approach that students will appreciate. Don’t be surprised when they reach their “eureka” moment and exclaim, “Now I understand what was going on with Uncle Edgar!” “ [T]he topic coverage is excellent. It is what a student taking an Introductory Biological Psychology course should walk away with.” —William Meil, Indiana University of Pennsylvania “I absolutely love this book. I think it is head and shoulders above any other.… The book is just right. I have used every edition so far and students seem to read it and grasp the concepts well. It is clearly written, well illustrated, and explains concepts in an engaging and understandable way. The text reads like it should—a wonderfully written book. It almost reads like a novel, progressing through the topics with a fluency that is rare. It’s perfect for my students.” —Carol L. DeVolder, St. Ambrose University “The text is well organized and has excellent artwork depicting complex brain functions.” —Dr. Catherine Powers Ozyurt, Bay Path College “Excellent use of artwork, good coverage of a range of topics within each chapter.” —M. Foster Olive, Arizona State University

Biological Psychology

  • Filename: biological-psychology.
  • ISBN: 0273734997
  • Release Date: 2011
  • Number of pages: 659
  • Author: Frederick M. Toates
  • Publisher: Prentice Hall

Assuming no prior knowledge of biology and building upon previous editions, Biological Psychology third edition uses everyday experiences to explain complex concepts in an interesting and highly accessible way. This is complemented by a range of inventive pedagogical features and extensive full-colour illustrations to stimulate interest and help students to develop and test their understanding. Online resources accompanying the text can be found at These include video clips, interactions, animations, self-test questions and research updates to help students consolidate their understanding and prepare for assessment. "Professor of Biological Psychology Frederick Toates from The Open University has done the field an enormous service in the Third Edition of Biological Psychology. Students worldwide will enjoy this text as it sets a new benchmark for a life science approach to brain and behaviour. The inclusion of evolutionary (both ultimate function and phylogeny), neurobiological and developmental perspectives on brain and behaviour make this textbook a first choice for the next generation of undergraduates studying biology and psychology." Dr William M Brown, BA (Hons) MSc PhD, Lecturer, School of Psychology, University of East London "Toates' third edition is both readable and palatable. It arouses interest by focusing on the thought-provoking questions that arise within a study of biological psychology. The author's conversational style is helpful as he talks the reader through the more straightforward and also the more conceptually demanding sections. Although accessible, the text provides a thorough account of key areas. It answers questions and stimulates interest. This up-to-date third edition retains the excellent pedagogical features of the previous edition. This is an enormously useful textbook. The author understands the problems, questions and fascinations of biological psychology students. Toates is an excellent teacher and a real authority in this area. This textbook captures his knowledge and understanding, and his infectious love of the subject." Dr Graham Mitchell, The University of Northampton "If the processes of the mind and brain have baffled you, this book is the key to unlocking its mysteries. Toates introduces the main topics of neuroscience in a beautifully simple yet highly informative manner. Each topic is covered in a massively integrative way. This renders the text suitable for both students and lay readers, for both medics and psychologists, for both undergraduates and postgraduates. Chapters are hugely informative and achieve the perfect combination of presenting scientific findings and research with the author's personal experience and good humour. This text is engaging at all times, and I strongly recommend it in the study of biological psychology. No stone is left unturned in the quest for understanding the brain." Dr Anna Scarnà, Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Oxford Brookes University "Toates' Biological Psychology offers its readers a lucid and well-balanced exploration of this conceptually challenging field. Over the last decade I have found the various editions of this textbook invaluable as a teaching aid for my students. It is no mean feat to have improved on the second edition but Toates seems somehow to have managed it. I especially enjoyed the additional material on evolutionary psychology and, in particular, how this might help to explain both when things work out (e.g. the complexities of the human visual system) and when things go wrong (e.g. why depression might be kept in the population)." Dr Lance Workman, Head of Research, Bath Spa University

Biological Psychology

  • Filename: biological-psychology.
  • ISBN: 0470871016
  • Release Date: 2008-04-30
  • Number of pages: 278
  • Author: Paul Aleixo
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

“This fantastic introduction to Biological Psychology brings the subject to life in a way that no traditional textbook can. I will certainly be recommending it.” Brian Wink, Southampton Solent University "My first reaction was that it was both imaginative and courageous. Having read it, I would add that it also makes a significant contribution to the available texts on biological psychology. This approach is just what students are looking for.” Graham Mitchell, University of Northampton Taking a refreshingly innovative approach to the subject, Biological Psychology: An Illustrated Survival Guide uses cartoons as an effective teaching medium. Each chapter is organised into a mini lecture, and offers an accessible introduction to key topics including: The brain and nervous system Vision and audition The mechanical and chemical senses Emotions and sexual behaviour Memory and learning Intended to complement traditional textbooks in the area, Biological Psychology: An Illustrated Survival Guide provides undergraduate and ‘A’ level students with an alternative introduction to biological psychology and an invaluable study aid.

Dictionary of Biological Psychology

  • Filename: dictionary-of-biological-psychology.
  • ISBN: 9781134778157
  • Release Date: 2003-09-02
  • Number of pages: 896
  • Author: Philip Winn
  • Publisher: Routledge

Biological Psychology is the study of psychological processes in terms of biological functions. A major obstacle to understanding dialogue in the field has always been its terminology which is drawn from a variety of non-psychological sources such as clinical medicine, psychiatry and neuroscience, as well as specialist areas of psychology such as ethology, learning theory and psychophysics. For the first time, a distinguished international team of contributors has now drawn these terms together and defined them both in terms of their physical properties and their behavioural significance. The Dictionary of Biological Psychology will prove an invaluable source of reference for undergraduates in psychology wrestling with the fundamentals of brain physiology, anatomy and chemistry, as well as researchers and practitioners in the neurosciences, psychiatry and the professions allied to medicine. It is an essential resource both for teaching and for independent study, reliable for fact-checking and a solid starting point for wider exploration.

Human Sexuality

  • Filename: human-sexuality.
  • ISBN: 9780789026712
  • Release Date: 2009
  • Number of pages: 624
  • Author: Anne Bolin
  • Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Human Sexuality: Biological, Psychological, and Cultural Perspectives is a unique textbook that provides a complete analysis of this crucial aspect of life around the world. Utilizing viewpoints across cultural and national boundaries, and deftly weaving evolutionary and psychological perspectives, Bolin and Whelehan go beyond the traditional evolution and primatology to address cross-cultural and contemporary issues, as well as anthropological contributions and psycho-social perspectives. Taking into account the evolution of human anatomy, sexual behavior, attitudes, and beliefs, this far-reaching text goes beyond what is found in traditional books to present a wide diversity of beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors found globally. In addition to providing a rich array of photographs, illustrations, tables, and a glossary of terms, this extraordinary textbook explores: pregnancy and childbirth as a bio-cultural experience life-course issues related to gender identity, sexual orientations, behaviors, and lifestyles socioeconomic, political, historical, and ecological influences on sexual behavior early childhood sexuality, puberty and adolescence birth control, fertility, conception, and sexual differentiation HIV infection, AIDS, AIDS globalization and sex work Fusing biological, socio-psychological, and cultural influences to offer new perspectives on understanding human sexuality, its development over millions of years of evolution, and how sexuality is embedded in specific socio-cultural contexts, this is the text for educators and students who wish to understand human sexuality in all of its richness and complexity.

Biological Psychology

  • Filename: biological-psychology.
  • ISBN: 1604562404
  • Release Date: 2008
  • Number of pages: 251
  • Author: Laura N. Piccard
  • Publisher: Nova Biomedical

In psychology, biological psychology or psychobiology is the application of the principles of biology to the study of mental processes and behaviour. A psychobiologist, for instance, may compare the imprinting behaviour in goslings to the early attachment behaviour in human infants and construct theory around these two phenomena. Biological psychologists may often be interested in measuring some biological variable, e.g. an anatomical, physiological, or genetic variable, in an attempt to relate it quantitatively or qualitatively to a psychological or behavioural variable; and thus, contribute to evidence based practice. Biopsychology is another synonym for biological psychology. This book presents the latest research in the field.

Handbook of Psychology Biological Psychology

  • Filename: handbook-of-psychology-biological-psychology.
  • ISBN: 0471384038
  • Release Date: 2003
  • Number of pages: 722
  • Author: Irving B. Weiner
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

This book provides a comprehensive overview of behavioral genetics, behavioral neuroscience, psychopharmacology, psychoimmunology, sensory processes, and evolutionary psychology. Chapter coverage includes the underlying physiological bases of sensory processes, comparative physiological processes, and other genotypic determinates of behavior.

Biological Psychology Lecture Notebook and Study Guide

  • Filename: biological-psychology-lecture-notebook-and-study-guide.
  • ISBN: 0716770660
  • Release Date: 2007-01-05
  • Number of pages: 285
  • Author: Stephen B. Klein
  • Publisher: Macmillan

Includes selections of chapter art with space for note taking. Also includes a chapter summary, review of key terms, and set of labeling exercises for each chapter.

Biological Psychology

  • Filename: biological-psychology.
  • ISBN: 9780857256959
  • Release Date: 2014-03-21
  • Number of pages: 240
  • Author: Minna Lyons
  • Publisher: Learning Matters

This accessible introductory text addresses the core knowledge domain of biological psychology, with focused coverage of the central concepts, research and debates in this key area. Biological Psychology outlines the importance and purpose of the biological approach and contextualises it with other perspectives in psychology, emphasizing the interaction between biology and the environment. Learning features including case studies, review questions and assignments are provided to aid students' understanding and promote a critical approach. Extended critical thinking and skill-builder activities develop the reader's higher-level academic skills.

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