• Filename: berserk.
  • ISBN: 9781595829429
  • Release Date: 2012
  • Number of pages: 208
  • Author: Kentaro Miura
  • Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Guts, the Black Swordsman, is marked with the Brand, which draws the forces of evil to him, but, with a gigantic sword and an elf companion, Guts battles the damned with a vengeance.


  • Filename: berserk.
  • ISBN: 1595829423
  • Release Date: 2012
  • Number of pages: 208
  • Author: Kentaro Miura
  • Publisher: Dark Horse Manga

Guts, the Black Swordsman, is marked with the Brand, which draws the forces of evil to him, but, with a gigantic sword and an elf companion, Guts battles the damned with a vengeance.

Fist of the North Star

  • Filename: fist-of-the-north-star.
  • ISBN: 1932454276
  • Release Date: 2004-05-01
  • Number of pages: 190
  • Author: Buronson
  • Publisher: Raijin Comics Master Edition

The legend returns! In a post-apocalyptic nightmare, one man named Kenshiro protects the innocent from evil with the ultimate assassin's fighting style, Hokuot Shinken.


  • Filename: wolfsmund.
  • ISBN: 1942993048
  • Release Date: 2016-08-02
  • Number of pages: 192
  • Author: Mitsuhisa Kuji
  • Publisher:

Although a stake has been driven through the maw of the wolf, its master has now returned with an army!

Ubel Blatt

  • Filename: ubel-blatt.
  • ISBN: 9780316305495
  • Release Date: 2016-01-26
  • Number of pages: 455
  • Author: Etorouji Shiono
  • Publisher: Yen Press World

Another one bites the dust! Eleven heroes set out on a dangerous mission to save the empire, but only four remained faithful to their duty. For the memory of the countless men who died helping them, these four fought on, only to be betrayed by the seven who would let that sacrifice be in vain. This, then, is the root of Köinzell's rage: that the whole empire was deceived into placing its trust in seven cowards, that betrayal and lies fed their ascent to power. As Köinzell reflects on the past, rumors abound that Ascheriit has reappeared to protect the people. The remaining heroes are forced to consider their history as well as their next move should Ascheriit come hunting them next...! An epic fantasy on the grandest of scales!

Prison School

  • Filename: prison-school.
  • ISBN: 0316346136
  • Release Date: 2016-03-22
  • Number of pages: 384
  • Author: Akira Hiramoto
  • Publisher: Yen Press

The Shadow Student Council, determined to drive its prisoners (the boys) out of the academy, gets its Expel the Boys Operation (E.B.O.) underway! But the boys have internal turmoil to deal with too. Shingo's still picking on Kiyoshi, and Gackt's Guan Yu figure suddenly finds itself in the direst of straits! The E.B.O. is relentless, however, and the longer it continues, the more Kiyoshi and the others find their friendships, bonds, and hearts being destroyed...Is expulsion really the only way out?

My Little Monster 2

  • Filename: my-little-monster-2.
  • ISBN: 1612625983
  • Release Date: 2014-05-27
  • Number of pages: 160
  • Author: Robico
  • Publisher: Kodansha Comics

When Haru suddenly disappears at the sight of his older brother, Shizuku Mizutani wonders why he hates his brother so much.


  • Filename: berserk.
  • ISBN: 9781595829429
  • Release Date: 2012
  • Number of pages: 208
  • Author: Kentaro Miura
  • Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Guts, the Black Swordsman, is marked with the Brand, which draws the forces of evil to him, but, with a gigantic sword and an elf companion, Guts battles the damned with a vengeance.

Let s Draw Manga Using Color

  • Filename: let-s-draw-manga-using-color.
  • ISBN: 9781613132043
  • Release Date: 2005-04-27
  • Number of pages: 119
  • Author: John Ott
  • Publisher: Digital Manga, Inc.

Offers concise but thorough instruction on color theory to help manga artists enhance the glitz and dazzle of their art. Teen.

Video Sourcebook

  • Filename: video-sourcebook.
  • ISBN: 1414400993
  • Release Date: 2007-10
  • Number of pages: 4000
  • Author: Thomson Gale
  • Publisher: Gale Cengage

From classroom aids to corporate training programs, technical resources to self-help guides, children's features to documentaries, theatrical releases to straight-to-video movies, The Video Source Book continues its comprehensive coverage of the wide universe of video offerings with more than 130,000 complete program listings, encompassing more than 160,000 videos. All listings are arranged alphabetically by title. Each entry provides a description of the program and information on obtaining the title. Six indexes -- alternate title, subject, credits, awards, special formats and program distributors -- help speed research.

Attack on Titan Guidebook INSIDE OUTSIDE Volume 1

  • Filename: attack-on-titan-guidebook-inside-outside-volume-1.
  • ISBN: 9781612629469
  • Release Date: 2014-09-16
  • Number of pages: 320
  • Author: Hajime Isayama
  • Publisher: Kodansha Comics

AN EXCLUSIVE LOOK AT THE CREATION OF EREN & THE TITANS! ? This exhaustive guide to the smash hit manga that inspired the sensational anime includes: ???・?New exclusive interviews with Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama, his editor, and the staff of the anime adaptation ???・?Concept art from behind the scenes of the anime and manga, including 16 pages in full color ???・?An exhaustive guide to the characters, from life behind the walls to death in a Titan's belly, including new, original art by Isayama ???・?Papercraft kit to create your own Colossal Titan head ???・?The 54-page, never-before-seen Attack on Titan pilot manga! GO BEHIND THE WALLS AND DISCOVER THE SECRETS OF ATTACK ON TITAN!

Life Of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Volume 1

  • Filename: life-of-henry-wadsworth-longfellow-volume-1.
  • ISBN: 9783849626501
  • Release Date: 2012
  • Number of pages: 468
  • Author: Samuel Longfellow
  • Publisher: Jazzybee Verlag

This is the biography of a man of letters. Mr. Longfellow was not that exclusively, but he was that supremely. He touched life at many points; and certainly he was no bookworm or dry-as-dust scholar shut up in a library. He kept the doors of his study always open, both literally and figuratively. But literature, as it was his earliest ambition, was always his most real interest; it was his constant point of view; it was his chosen refuge. His very profession was a literary one. Now, the life of a man of letters needs be unexciting and uneventful in the eyes of men of activities and affairs. In such a life, a new book is a great adventure, a new poem or tale a chief event. Such a life can be painted only by a multitude of minute touches. For this reason, and because it was desirable that he should tell his own story as far as possible, a large part of this biography is made up of extracts from a daily journal. By such a method could the reader best learn how a man of letters spends his time, and what occupies his thoughts. This is volume 1, covering the years 1807 through 1842.

Highways of Man Volume 1

  • Filename: highways-of-man-volume-1.
  • ISBN: 9780983905738
  • Release Date: 2011-12-29
  • Number of pages: 454
  • Author: Steven Machat
  • Publisher: BookBaby

The book you have in your hand has no new exclusive knowledge to share with you. It is knowledge that exists for anyone to find if you care to dig away the dirt that has been placed on the Highways of Man. But the contents of this book hold a wisdom that must be shared. This wisdom is my interpretation through my highway of this life in and on each highway that I visited. It uncovers how consistently a specific group throughout time sells themselves as knowing more than the rest to own & control those who live on or off the exits of each highway. The highways our communities have built except one, the Jewish-Christian faith started by Jesus himself, have all been to own & control us for the elite ruling few and their families. But Jesus’ highway of a peaceful sharing community was sold to the Romans when the Romans infiltrated the highway. They in turn sold the bishops a peace and an exclusive role of control in society if they became the Roman Empire’s highway of control to heaven. The game to own & control the passage of our lives on the Highways of Man throughout time, be they toll booths owned by priest, royal bloodlines, bishops/Imams/ rabbinical, parliament, democracies, dictatorships, communist or independent economic third parties, must have the perceived power to own & control our daily lives here on Earth or in their hereinafter if you behave. The system of control is easy to play. It is education by fear and the creation of an enemy that a community must hate so the teams of Man are divided. Then create schools that brainwash our youth through and through so their system of control stops the creations of Man that allow for growth and change. The elite rulers of the gates of these wrong highways stop the wheel of the circle of life and perpetuate conformity and thus create hell. Their schools and religions teach you what to think not how to think. We give in as a society because we are lazy and we are cowards. We do not take control of our lives. We let our communities be owned & controlled by the few who then give us back certain rights to exist in their ruling order. My friends, this book will change your life. It will show you all that the Highways of Man built by the Communities of Man, be they tribes on the move, or agrarian societies now domesticated and creating the towns that become cities that become communities of counties that unite cities and surrounding regions, to marrying countries and creating nations that make regional alliances. To maintain their unequal rule, they must teach fear & hate of fellow Man living on the other sides of the ruling tracks. Want everlasting peace and no more war? Want love and no more hate? This books shows we ALL must learn to share as a duty of fellow Man & build a community of Man here on Earth, otherwise we will continue to repeat history without growing through wisdom. For until we learn to share no one can have peace. To date, no order has provided everlasting balanced peace. Our highways are broken but ready to be rebuilt.

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