Armistice 1918

  • Filename: armistice-1918.
  • ISBN: 0873386515
  • Release Date: 1999-07-01
  • Number of pages: 344
  • Author: Bullitt Lowry
  • Publisher: Kent State University Press

The five armistices arranged in the fall of 1918 determined the course of diplomatic events for many subsequent years. The armistice with Germany, the most important of the five, was really a peace treaty in miniature.

11th Month 11th Day 11th Hour

  • Filename: 11th-month-11th-day-11th-hour.
  • ISBN: 9780099445395
  • Release Date: 2005
  • Number of pages: 456
  • Author: Joseph E. Persico
  • Publisher: Random House

'The futility of war - and the Great War in particular - has often been remarked upon, but it was carried to its logical, nonsensical conclusion on 11 November 1918. The prospect of peace appears to have left many with an unendurable sense of unfinished business, causing them to mount attacks even when war's end had been agreed. Almost 3,000 lost their lives in the last few hours before the Armistice: here their tragic story is poignantly told.' The Scotsman Using military archives and public records, along with journals and diaries, Joseph Persico weaves together the eleventh hour experiences of the men in the trenches, unsung and unremembered, the British Tommies, French Poilus, American Doughboys and German Feldgrau. Where, for example, was the Austrian corporal, Adolf Hitler, on that day? The pointless fighting on the last day of war is the perfect metaphor for the four years of senseless slaughter that preceded it. This book is sure to become the definitive history of the end of a conflict Winston Churchill called 'the hardest, cruellest, and least-rewarded of all the wars that have been fought.'

The Western Front 1914 1918

  • Filename: the-western-front-1914-1918.
  • ISBN: 9781473820715
  • Release Date: 2003-03-01
  • Number of pages: 232
  • Author: John Terraine
  • Publisher: Pen and Sword

John Terraine, perhaps the most distinguished historian of the First World War, addresses a number of particular topics in this collection of fascinating essays. The author's lucid style stands out in making this book a model of accurate, well-argued and readable military history.'John Terraine's nine essays either help our understanding or stimulate our thought'. Correlli Barnett'another opportunity to admire his clarity of thought and his excellent style'. Sunday Times'John Terraine reflects with insight and compassion on the appalling shambles of the Western Front'. The Times

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