All the Way from Yoakum

  • Filename: all-the-way-from-yoakum.
  • ISBN: 1585444766
  • Release Date: 2006
  • Number of pages: 254
  • Author: Marjorie Meyer Arsht
  • Publisher: Texas A&M University Press

All the Way from Yoakum tells the story of the long, eventful life of a Jewish “good girl” from small-town Texas who became a remarkable woman of her time and a leading light in Houston and Texas politics. One of the founders of the modern Republican Party in Texas, Marjorie Meyer Arsht served as a state party committeewoman and was the first Jewish woman to run as a Republican for the state legislature. Becoming active in politics in the 1950s, she was closely involved in the early career of George H. W. Bush. A member of the prominent Texas family (Meyer, Cohen) that owned Foley Brothers department store and gave Cohen House to Rice University, she recalls the contentious mid-century division in the Jewish community over the issue of Zionism that split congregations and turned friends into bitter antagonists. Formerly president of the Temple Beth Israel Sisterhood, Arsht served as a national spokesperson for a major American anti-Zionist organization. When she turned seventy, Arsht was working as a speechwriter and high-level assistant in the Department of Housing and Urban Development in Washington while also serving as a regent of Texas Southern University, where she spearheaded a number of important reforms. In addition, she continued to run the small, independent energy development and investment company founded by her late husband. From her childhood as a member of one of the few Jewish families in small-town Yoakum, Texas, to her years of political activism and social involvement, she offers a moving account of an indomitable spirit, one that will provide both inspiration and an understanding of how the Republican Party came to be the dominant force in Texas politics.

It Happened On The Way To Texas

  • Filename: it-happened-on-the-way-to-texas.
  • ISBN: 9781300304487
  • Release Date: 2012-10-24
  • Number of pages: 330
  • Author: Tony Pay
  • Publisher:

Follow two people as they deal with similar romantic endings, the risks they take, and the people that come into their lives. Business, race horses, ranches, and writing a best seller intertwine in the character's lives. The reader will observe the unfolding of how small deceptions can become larger than life. You will be asking yourself... "what is the ending to the story?"

All the Way with LBJ

  • Filename: all-the-way-with-lbj.
  • ISBN: 9780521737524
  • Release Date: 2009-02-23
  • Number of pages: 316
  • Author: Robert David Johnson
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press

All the Way with LBJ examines the LBJ tapes, analysing the 1964 presidential campaign and the political culture of the mid-1960s.

Texas Lily Too Hard To Handle Book 1

  • Filename: texas-lily-too-hard-to-handle-book-1.
  • ISBN: 9781614170884
  • Release Date: 2011-06-30
  • Number of pages: 378
  • Author: Patricia Rice
  • Publisher: ePublishing Works!

Lily Porter is newly a widow with a child to raise and a cattle ranch to run in the Texas frontier aflame with violence, and where a woman is to be seen not heard. She needs a man to stand up for her land. His name is Cade. Part Apache brave and part Mexican grandee, Cade has a past and a secret. But he possesses the power and passion to command all in his path. Lily welcomes Cade into her struggle against treachery and terror—and discovers a love worth risking everything to keep. AWARDS: 4 ½ stars – Romantic Times REVIEWS: "Ms. Rice is in her element as she gives us a recipe for romance... one delicious read." ~Romantic Times TOO HARD TO HANDLE, in series order Texas Lily Texas Rose Texas Tiger Texas Moon

Tough As Stone

  • Filename: tough-as-stone.
  • ISBN: 9781934925713
  • Release Date: 2008-09-22
  • Number of pages: 212
  • Author: Donna Stone
  • Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

This work chronicles a family's struggle with the illness of a child and how they have effectively dealt with the trials and tribulations.

Lucy Goose Goes to Texas

  • Filename: lucy-goose-goes-to-texas.
  • ISBN: 9781932073638
  • Release Date: 2011-01-31
  • Number of pages: 32
  • Author: Holly Bea
  • Publisher: H J Kramer

Meet Lucy, an independent-minded Canada goose who is hatched in the beautiful northern wilderness. Her first look at the world is filled with sunshine, wild rivers, lakes, and her close and loving family. Along with her brothers and sister, she is taught the value of working together by her patient mother. But Lucy has other ideas. She is certain that fitting in is not for her. Holly Bea's delightful rhyming text coupled with Joe Boddy's brilliantly colorful and playful illustrations make this book a fun way to teach children the enduring value of teamwork.

Memory of a Vagabond

  • Filename: memory-of-a-vagabond.
  • ISBN: 9781483417462
  • Release Date: 2014-10-17
  • Number of pages: 498
  • Author: Adam Ross Rapoport
  • Publisher:

In 2010, Adam Rapoport experienced a life-changing epiphany. He wanted to travel the world, by any means necessary. But for the twenty-three-year-old son of an middle-upper-class family to do so, he would have to drop out of graduate school. Undaunted, he sold his possessions and hit the road with a backpack and $700 for the adventure of a lifetime. Adam wanted to experience the freedoms of homeless travel. Over the course of two years, he learned how to get around and survive on the road. He hitchhiked across the United States, he joined the crew of a sailboat and explored the Bahamas with a seemingly cursed captain. He then wound up working under the table in Central America. And finally, he studied under both wilderness survival experts and a spiritualist guru in Montana. Spiritual, adventurous, humorous, self-reflective, insightful, and even romantic, Memory of a Vagabond shows that following one's dream will bring you to places you never thought possible.

Long Way To Texas

  • Filename: long-way-to-texas.
  • ISBN: 1429912898
  • Release Date: 2010-04-01
  • Number of pages: 496
  • Author: Elmer Kelton
  • Publisher: Penguin Group

Lieutenant David Buckalew and his men had left Texas on a march westward to claim the entire Southwest for the Confederacy. But defeat after humiliating defeat at the hands of the Union army has stranded Buckalew and nineteen battle-weary survivors in the New Mexico Territory-a territory crawling with hostile Comanches and Union soldiers. As Buckalew and his men make a run for their homeland of Texas, they learn the location of a cache of Union weapons and ammunition. If they could seize the weapons before the Union troops arrive to collect them, they might be able to shift the odds in the South's favor. However, those keeping the cache for the North have other ideas . . . At the publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management software (DRM) applied.

New Way to Fly

  • Filename: new-way-to-fly.
  • ISBN: 9781426831768
  • Release Date: 2009-04-01
  • Number of pages: 304
  • Author: Margot Dalton
  • Publisher: Harlequin

NEW LOOK--TEXAS STYLE! Crystal Creek...where power and influence live in the land, and in the hands of one family determined to nourish old Texas fortunes and forge new Texas futures. APPEARANCES CAN BE DECEIVING Rancher Brock Munroe is smitten with Amanda Walker. But he hates what she does for a living. Amanda is a personal shopper. To Brock it's a ridiculous career. Still, Brock can't quite figure this lady out. It seems that with Amanda what you see is much less than what you get.

500 Little Known Facts About Nauvoo

  • Filename: 500-little-known-facts-about-nauvoo.
  • ISBN: 1462100333
  • Release Date: 2010-03-10
  • Number of pages: 275
  • Author: George Givens
  • Publisher: Cedar Fort

In this newest addition to the popular 500 Little-Known Facts series, George Givens offers answers to the questions most often asked by visitors to Nauvoo, such as, What is the difference between a blacksmith and a whitesmith? Did you know that one of the first recorded cases of artificial resuscitation happened in Nauvoo and that it saved Brigham Young s life? What are the rules for playing Old Cat ? Containing everything from trivia about popular songs and games to information about religious practices and architectural symbolism, this is the perfect treasure for anyone who is interested in the early Saints and the difficult but spiritually rich time they spent in their beloved City Beautiful.

Saga of a Texas Ranger

  • Filename: saga-of-a-texas-ranger.
  • ISBN: 9781620959138
  • Release Date: 2010-04-05
  • Number of pages:
  • Author: Jeffery Robenalt
  • Publisher: BookBaby

Set in the Republic of Texas, circa1840, Saga of a Texas Ranger is the first in a series of of four historic Westerns written by Jeffery Robenalt. Sixteen year old Caleb McAdams and his family sell their prosperous farm in Tennessee and head for Texas to escape a deadly blood feud, but find that danger also lurks on the Texas frontier. While Caleb is out rounding up wild longhorns, his family is massacred by the Comanches during the Great Raid of 1840. Seeking revenge, Caleb volunteers to fight with Captain Jack Hays and the Texas Rangers at the Battle of Plum Creek and the saga begins.

How Mitchell Energy Development Corp Got Its Start and How It Grew

  • Filename: how-mitchell-energy-development-corp-got-its-start-and-how-it-grew.
  • ISBN: 1581126638
  • Release Date: 2001
  • Number of pages: 658
  • Author: Joseph W. Kutchin
  • Publisher: Universal-Publishers

The updated edition is the story of Mitchell and his company told in narrative form and in a series of interviews of the people who nurtured the company through the years. It is Horatio Alger, Texana, human conflict, tales of the oil patch, and a study of the shaky start of what is now one of the most innovative and successful new communities anywhere, all rolled into one. Its author is Joseph W. Kutchin, an experienced journalist who served many years as the corporation's vice president in charge of public relations.

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